bizzybee sent me some great products to review, they’re perfect for the modern mum – durable, fashionable and look fabulous! I was sent 3 pairs of rubber gloves to look at: ‘bizzybee multipurpose gloves with moisturiser’, ‘bizzybee multipurpose gloves’ and ‘bizzybee patterned gloves’ and I was also sent a groovy bizzybee scourer which just looks so pretty sitting on the kitchen sink and some funky bizzybee patterned cloths. I didn’t want to use the scourer it was too pretty! But I did, we gave it a vigorous test on the oily pots and pans, the products were really good. I love products that are a little bit different and fun, it makes me want to do more cleaning (sad I know) but it is true. A little fun makes anything more interesting, so here’s what I thought:

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 The Gloves


Obviously the first gloves I tried were the patterned gloves, they definitely brightened up the cleaning chores and they made me smile. They aren’t too gaudy like some fashionable gloves can be, I thought they were quite stylish and not too over the top. They have a cottoned lining which meant that they were comfortable on the inside and they were tough on the outside. They didn’t let any water in and I had my hand in a very hot bowl of water whilst I washed up and I couldn’t feel the heat at all. They matched the spotty cloths perfectly which really made the kitchen sink look rather funky.

The multipurpose gloves are great because they have an extra grip on the fingertips which means that you can handle delicate items better in the slippy soapy water and they are also cotton lined, so really comfortable to wear.

My favourite gloves have to be the moisturised multipurpose gloves because not only are they durable, they are really comfortable. They are specially made and latex free (which is great for those with allergies to latex) and bizzybee call them their “glovelies”, which does sum them up nicely. They are silky soft on the inside and it really doesn’t feel like you’re wearing gloves at all. I would recommend these to anyone, they are pretty fantastic.


The Cloths

The scourer and the spotty cloths look really fashionable, the spotty cloth is the worlds first polka dot cloth! They are really strong and one has lasted us a long time. We use a clean one for mopping up after the kids too – they are soft so I can use it to wipe down hands and mucky faces which is much nicer than a conventional kitchen cloth. The scourer is non-scratch and it is the best scourer I have used and guess what? It sparkles! I was really shocked at how durable and effective the scourer was, because it looked so pretty.


Some fab kitchen cleaning tips from bizzybee:

  • Get your chopping boards sparkling clean – use half a lemon to wipe the boards. If stains are more stubborn, use coarse salt to help scrub the board clean. Remember to rinse well and dry to avoid salty food in the future.
  • Keep your fridge fresh by removing all the food once a fortnight and wiping down the inside using warm soapy water. Clean all the shelves and trays, then replace the food. Place an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to leave your fridge smelling lovely! As you work, check expiration dates and discard any old food. 
  • To clean your dishwasher, run a cupful of clear vinegar through a cycle of the dishwasher (empty and without detergent). It’ll remove grease, limescale and soap scum, leaving it clean and fresh. Wipe around the door seals and hinges with the vinegar. While you’re at it, clean the spray arms too. Most can be unscrewed and washed in hot soapy water. Give them a scrub with a nylon brush and empty the filter and wash in hot soapy water.
  • The acidic properties of cola will dissolve the burned mess and residue on pots so they clean off much easier. Pour a small amount of cola on the bottom of the burned pot and put it on the hob, switch to very low heat and leave it there for about an hour then clean.
  • Add some sparkle to your glassware, wash in a plastic bowl in your sink and add a little washing-up liquid. Give them a final little rinse with warm water and a couple of drops of vinegar then gently buff dry with a cloth.   


You can check out all of the modern and stylish products on the bizzybee website: http://www.bizzybee.co.uk/. You can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @bizzybeeuk. I would definitely advise looking at their website, it's really cool.

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Last Update: Saturday, 27th April 2013