Barclaycard have created a new site called Bespoke Offers it’s a really great site that allows you to get some superb deals from different brands to get some excellent products. I love the fact you can enter your location and find offers that are near to you and drill down by offer type as well. It makes it really easy to find some great deals and in this credit crunching climate they are so useful.


At the time of reviewing the website, there was a fantastic offer on the new coffee pod machine from Starbucks – the Verismo. The deal was money off the coffee machine and a lot of coffee pods to go with it – I couldn’t resist. It was really easy to use the website and it took me no longer than an extra minute to register and get the offer.


To register on Bespoke Offers, you can use a 1 click process that registers your details using Facebook – which was really handy for me and it took a minute. Facebook found my basic details and then on top of this information I had to enter a password, postcode to find my address, my date of birth and what sex I am. This all helps to determine what deals I might like best; to suit my location, gender, age and anything else that I might like to consider.



At the time of posting this review there is a very appealing 35% off at the Body Shop and to get the offer it couldn’t be simpler. There is a button by the offer which says “get offer”, once clicked it shows up a code that you use when shopping on the Body Shop website. You can click on a button which takes you to the Body Shop website to start shopping. It’s a really great idea. Makes it much too easy to spend money though!


Christmas is coming and buying presents can sometimes be hard, if you need some inspiration or budgets aren’t stretching as wide as they did the year before. Bespoke Offers will help you with inspiration as some of the offers will inspire you to buy for a certain family member and save you some money. It couldn’t be easier. I have some Body Shop shopping to do now…


I think I am a long way off making animals and shapes out of the chocolate sprinkles – it is my aim to make a distinctive shape before the New Year is here. Can I do it? Better go and make another coffee…


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Last Update: Wednesday, 4th December 2013