Babyhuddle are currently running a competition via Tots100 to win £300 of baby products, all you have to do is create your account on Babyhuddle & create a list! A list? I hear you ask, I’ll explain…

Firstly you need to create your account on the great website:

After you have sorted your profile, adding images and other special details about yourself and your babies, you need to create a list. Call it something unique, so that it stands out from the rest!! You will see the button for this in your profile and on all products you get the option “to my babylist” which means you can add that product to your list that way too.

A list is basically a list of things that you choose and control, that you want to tell the world about – or keep it there for things you need to buy at a later date. For example, I have a list of Expressing Essentials for other mums to read and have a look at products I have used in the past.

Its a fabulous website and a great way to share information about products, quickly with other mums and dads.

If you create your list on Babyhuddle, tweet “I have just created my dream list on the #babyhuddle website via @babyhuddle and @mummyconstant” and if you tag MUMMYCONSTANT on your list then we can both win a further £100 each! *If you create a list and tag me in it, you will be added in to a prize draw to win £100 towards your dream list and if you win the competition, I could be in with a chance to win the £100 too. 

You can find out more information about the great competition on the Tots100 website here:

Don’t forget to let me know if you have tagged me, good luck readers… ooh how exciting!!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 19th June 2012