“Baby Massage Experience with my Mother” Book review

In a very brief summary, this book really touched me and opened my eyes to what could happen if you have a baby that has additional needs. It is about a couple who have a baby, which has additional needs, it describes the struggle emotionally that the parents go through and how the mother of the baby deals with the situation. Baby massage really helped her and her baby to bond and for them to move forward in their lives, its really inspired me to go to baby massage when my 2nd baby comes along as it sounds like wonderful mother/baby bonding time, regardless of if my baby has additional needs.

I would recommend to read this book, whether you have children, are pregnant or your children are fully grown. It is a great in site into what goes on behind closed doors with some families, what its like for parents of a child with additional needs and how support groups, like baby massage, can be an essential part of baby’s development and the bond between mother & baby. I will certainly think twice when talking to other mums, be more aware that their lives may not be perfect and that they may be dealing with all sorts of issues.

This book is the second from Mary Kay, published by M2BN, you can purchase copies on their website: www.m2bn.co.uk or alternatively have a look at my Competition for a chance to win a copy for yourself>> http://wp.me/p2923n-8B.

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  • Massage Therapists Insurance
    January 23, 2012

    I wanted to learnt his baby massage: though i am a father but i want to give it to my child 🙂

  • MummyConstant
    January 23, 2012

    There’s no reason why you can’t learn it! This book was just foisted on the mothers side of the story. Mary has written one from the fathers perspective.

    I think either way for both mums and dads baby massage would be beneficial. Especially if your child does have additional needs.

    Touch is very important for your baby and this book made me understand that!

  • MummyConstant
    January 23, 2012

    Focused is what I meant.


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“Baby Massage Experience with my Mother” Book review

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