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We were very lucky to be sent two very fabulous products from organic monkey:  the first item we were sent was “cheeky monkey” organic cheek rub. It is brilliant for when Isla is teething and really helps to calm her down and you can see the difference in her after a few minutes. The second item we were sent was “bumfluff nappy balm” which I just loved, great for nappy rash and it was so smooth on Isla’s little bottom.

organic monkey have a brilliant range of products for the little people and I absolutely adore the company, fantastic product names like bumfluff and cheeky monkey which are so relevant to the products and I love the fun graphics and themes around the products too. They have really thought about their target audience and really tried to make things a little more fun.

bumfluff organic nappy balm

This little tub of amazing stuff, was developed to naturally relieve chapped and irritated skin. It is a blend of organic ingredients that have created a really rich balm. You can feel the beeswax and shea butter as soon as you put your fingers in the tub, the texture is like a silky beeswax and that’s just how I would have described it (without knowing the ingredients). You can just imagine how soothing that must feel on burning rashes and how smooth it goes on, I never had any troubles with rubbing it in either – which is the proof you need really. One of the other ingredients is lavender essential oil which is antibacterial and has healing properties and this makes the balm perfect for little babies with delicate skin.


bumfluff organic nappy balm costs £10.50 for 50ml and it really does go a long way, we still have plenty left, which I am really happy about. I find its brilliant on your lips when you have really sore lips, so its good for us parents too!

cheeky monkey organic cheek rub

This innovative new product is just amazing and 100% organic, I have never seen anything like this product before and only heard of oral products and I was completely gobsmacked at how effective it was. I couldn’t get my head around that it is something that you just rub on the cheeks – how could it possibly work? This must-have product is made up of a soothing blend of 100% organic ingredients combining Arnica, Sweet Almond, Olive and Sunflower oils with organic Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Spearmint essential oils to help calm and relieve the symptoms of teething.


Arnica oil is great as it has anti-inflammatory properties so it sores those sore gums and swollen little mouths. The lavender oil for its healing properties and its calming ability – I love the smell of lavender and it does make you feel calmer. Roman chamomile oil posseses pain relieving properties and helps to encourage relaxation and the spearmint oil has antiseptics as well as stimulating properties which help to reduce stress – so you can clearly see why as soon as I rub it onto little Isla’s cheeks she would be more calm and more often than not fall asleep.

She was screaming her head off one night, which I thought was down to teething and before running downstairs to get the gel out of the fridge I just tried this oil and after about 5 minutes she had stopped screaming and she went to bed soon after. It calmed her and soothed her painful gums, it was really amazing.

cheeky monkey organic cheek rub is £7.50 for 30ml and should last you the entire length of time they teeth over the course of their young lives. We still have the same bottle now as a little really does go a long way.

How to Spot Teething – look out for these common first signs:

  • chewing on their or your finger, toys or any other objects they get hold of
  • red cheeks, swollen gums and excessive dribbling
  • loss of appetite – refusing to eat or drink due to the pain
  • restless sleep, mood changes and feelings of irritability
  • pulling on their ears – the pain in the mouth throbs throughout baby’s head so they pull their ears believing that it will provide relief
Check out the organic monkey website for more great products - I love their website, its really easy to nip things into the shopping cart as well. You can like them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too: @organicmonkey1 .

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Last Update: Friday, 3rd May 2013