Yes, at last I hear you say! We were sent some Glucamune to try out in the Constant household from Vitalize Health and to be honest, it could not have come at a better time. We have had sickness bugs and flu and lots of runny noses in the house and guess what – I escaped either completely from the illnesses or just caught it very briefly. I was gobsmacked and what better for a review of whether they work or not. 

I didn’t get the flu, or any of the colds and I really couldn’t believe as the rest of the house did. I couldn’t avoid the sickness bug though, but I still only got it very moderately compared to the rest of the household.




is a daily immune support supplement. It’s safe for children and because the supplement contains just pure beta-glucan (1,3)-(1,6), Glucamune is ideal to take alongside all your daily multi-vitamins and minerals, especially when high doses are recommended. Glucamune has been proven to be the most effective beta-glucan supplement available in an independent study. Glucamune is £19.95 for 45 capsules.

New research, published in the January 2013 edition of the European Journal of Nutrition, shows that beta-glucan (1,3)-(1,6) increases the body’s potential to fight off the common cold.

  • The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicentric study The study took place over 16 weeks and gave 162 healthy participants 900mg of either placebo or a beta-glucan preparation.
  • The study proved that taking beta-glucan (1,3)-(1,6) can help reduce the severity and duration of typical cold symptoms such as headaches, blocked nose and aching joints and those taking it had less disruption to their sleep from cold related symptoms.
  • The number of cold episodes was assessed along with the severity and duration of typical symptoms.
  • Those taking the beta-glucan supplements suffered from 19% fewer cold episodes. Beta-glucan reduced the number of cold symptomatic common cold infections by 25%.
  • The study concluded: ‘The present study demonstrated that yeast beta-glucan preparation increased the body’s potential to defend against invading pathogens.’

Check out the Glucamune Facebook page and stay tuned for a fantastic competition to win your very own supplements. 



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Last Update: Monday, 22nd April 2013