I came across this the other day and thought it was brilliant, we are huge IKEA fans in the Constant household and I thought the illustrations were just great. It shows the scene that is usually our family at mealtimes anyway… a true likeness!


Children’s illustrator Sarah Horne has found an innovative way of bringing her imagination to life – superimposing drawings of mythical creatures onto photographs from the IKEA catalogue. Dragons, elves, fairies, yetis and a bigfoot are given grounding in reality by using images from the IKEA catalogue as a canvas to sketch fantastical fictional dinners. On discovery of Sarah’s unique illustrations, the Swedish furniture retailer have hired her as the first ever “Children’s Illustrator in Residence”– employed to help fire children’s imaginations and celebrate mealtimes by drawing a child’s eye view of the perfect Christmas dinner complete with mythical creatures.

Situated in IKEA Wembley for a day, Sarah delved into the vibrant imaginations of hundreds of children to discover the most popular Christmas dinner guests, creating one-of-a-kind images using IKEA photographs featuring her own unique illustrations.

The Yuletide dinner parties depict the mythical beasts eating a Smörgåsbord of dishes ranging from sausages and cake to char-grilled elephant leg and monkey-soup. What’s more, children came up with an array of outlandish monstrous cutlery suggestions for their fictional creatures – including ‘fishing rod forks’, ‘a 600 watt microwave-wand’ and a Bigfoot sized garden fork.

IKEA’s Children’s Illustrator in Residence, Sarah Horne said:

“As a child I was always doodling and dreaming up a never ending number of fantastical dinner parties that featured fictional creatures from the pages of my favourite story books – imagining what it would be like to have dinner with a dragon or breakfast with Bigfoot. Although I’m all grown up, my mind runs riot with the fantastical meals I always wished I could be a part of, using pages from my favourite IKEA catalogue as a canvas to bring my mythical creations a little more into reality.”

“So when IKEA saw my creations and asked me to undertake a residency in store, I jumped at the chance to inspire other children who are just like I was. By sparking their imaginations, I hope we’ve made mealtimes more magical for children.”


Iain Neal, IKEA UK and Ireland said:

“We know how easy it is to get bogged down in the craziness of everyday life, so we hired our Children’s Illustrator in Residence to put the wonder back into dining together – especially around this time of year.”

“At IKEA, we firmly believe that each and every mealtime is special in its own right, whether it’s a mid-week supper for your partner, breakfast with the kids, or pizza at home on a Friday night, it’s all about spending quality time together and treasuring those moments as a family.


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Last Update: Monday, 22nd December 2014