After my “ordeal” post-child birth and just the fact that I have recently given birth, I’m sure I don’t need to describe how delicate things are. Andrex Washlets are flushable wipes that come in a handy size so can be taken anywhere, they were an essential part of my hospital bag and I am extremely glad that I did have them.

Due to my experiences I have a few grazes and sore areas and these wipes are just amazing, not only fresh and cool, which makes the sore areas feel better but they are soft and you do not need to use as many sheets as toilet roll. Just simply use toilet roll and grab a washlet afterwards.

The other point to them is the fresh smell, “cotton fresh” and they really do smell cotton fresh and leave you smelling lovely too, when I was bed ridden for the first 24 hours after birth they came in very handy just to freshen up!

Even for those of you who haven’t recently given birth, they are a very nice thing to have in the bathroom. My husband calls it a “posh wipe” which made me chuckle, but he’s right. I have a packet by all of our toilets now because I would have been in agony without them and now I find them to be cleaner, quicker and fresher than just using toilet roll alone.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 30th May 2012