I knew it would happen sooner or later, to be honest I was expecting it with Isla, the phone call or text when I am at work to say “Isla is walking!”. But it came in the context of my little man, who is sponging up every thing at the moment, soaking it all in and spitting it out as and when he feels like it. I got a voice memo from Daddy Constant last Thursday which was Noah saying “Pease Mummy”, “Ta Mummy” and Daddy prompting him every so often. It was really heart melting and I just wanted to dart home and give him a big squeeze and tell him how clever he is.

I suppose now I know how Daddy has felt the past 2 years where he has been at work and I have been at home with the kids all the time, or whether or not there is something in the mummy genes that give you these special feelings.


Over the past week we have been picking up words really well and using them in the right places in his sentences. It has been brilliant to watch. On Sunday he came out with 3 new words, “nine” “ten” and “green”. So obviously watching TV hasn’t done him any harm as we practice our counting to 10 with the numtums on CBeebies. Both him and Isla love that program. So we have 2 colours mastered “yellow” and “green” and we are working on red and blue. He likes purple and orange, you can see his face concentrating when he is trying to say it, but they are not coming out just yet.

Sentences are getting much longer and better now too, Wednesday we had “I want my mummy” when Daddy carried him to the car, but that was only because he was poorly and was in a snuggly mood. I am sure if I was carrying him, it would have been I want Daddy instead. But the phrase itself made me smile, as he is putting things together all of a sudden that sound like English, not Toddlerish.


We’ve enjoyed the snow these past few weeks, or “ice” as Noah likes to call it. He loves doing things and being active, just like his Daddy. They really are quite alike, tantrums and all! I am looking forward to teaching Noah more and more over the next few months as his speech develops and his understanding of the English language grows, its very exciting. I cant wait until we are doing homework together and I can help him with his school work. I am also getting a piano back in the house ASAP so mummy can start playing again and also so Noah can start using it, learning music and embracing his creative side. If he is anything like his mummy and daddy he will definitely have one of those.

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Last Update: Friday, 25th January 2013