Who wouldn’t love to win £1,000 of Amazon vouchers? I think everyone I know uses Amazon, even my 86 year old grandma. She loves the fact she can order things and it arrives the next day. This Easter Amazon are giving away £1,000 gift voucher to one lucky customer, who uses Alexa Skills from 20th to 21st April 2019 (Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday). It’s a real Easter skills hunt!

The idea behind the competition is to encourage people to use Alexa Skills and explore something new. The skills are the capabilities that Alexa has, she comes with inbuilt ones and you can download new ones. It’s very clever. We have been using Alexa since Christmas and I am sure I have only used about 2% of what she is capable of. We do use our Echo every night, the children are read bedtime stories using the Amazon storytime skill. Alexa skills can help you and your family have lots of fun this Easter, even if it’s just listening to Easter stories at bedtime.

Here are some ideas on what to ask Alexa this weekend, so you could be in with a chance of winning the fabulous £1,000 voucher (remember you need to use 5 different Alexa skills):

Play a game with Alexa

You could ask Alexa to play a game, this will use up one of your skills and create a little fun for the family at the same time. Try asking “Alexa, open Guess the Animal” and play along. Or “Alexa, open Pop Quiz”. Everyone loves a game at Easter time.

Cook something delicious inspired by Alexa

If you say “Alexa, ask BBC Good Food to find me a vegetarian Easter recipe”, Alexa will search through over 11,000 recipes to find you the perfect meal. You could also try asking “Alexa, ask BBC Good Food what should I cook today?”, see what she comes up with. That could make for an exciting Easter Sunday meal.

Play a family quiz with Alexa

I love a quiz and whenever we have a big family gathering we always do a quiz. They are lots of fun. There are lots of different skills for quizzes and you can find one to suit your audience. For example Harry Potter quizzes, trivia or popcorn quiz. Popcorn quiz is a set of true and false questions about actors, directors, characters, years of release and movie slogans – from over 80,000 movies.

Something special for the kids with Alexa

Try asking “Alexa, open Animal Workout” and watch the children get involved. The idea behind this skill is that it gets your children up and exercising whilst pretending to be animals. This sounds like a lot of fun for the little ones over Easter. Amazon Storytime is our favourite skill, the children listen to a bedtime story every night. It’s cute hearing the children say: “Alexa, ask Amazon Storytime to tell me a bedtime story” when they go to bed.

Easter egg hunt with Alexa

I have heard that Alexa has a skill called Easter Bunny Egg Hiding Game. I definitely want to try this over the weekend. The skill helps you to think of awesome spots to hide those Easter Eggs and create the BEST egg hunt. All you have to do is answer a few questions and Alexa comes up with ideas. Very clever!

Will you think of 5 fun skills to use over the Easter weekend? It’s fun using Alexa to find and try new things. I love the idea of this competition, it’s encouraging me to learn new things and have a real Easter skills hunt. I cannot wait to try the Easter egg hiding game skill.

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