OK I can definitely FEEL THE DRAMA, I am so excited and also so impatient – for two reasons: one because I got this very “locked” suitcase in the post this morning and secondly because Sky Living is changing to Sky Witness on Monday and it’s my favourite channel, with my favourite shows on it. The suitcase had a note on it that says Feel the Drama on one side and that I have to wait for the unlocking instructions on the other. Eek! 

My detective skills are clearly not as good as I thought they were (I need Sherlock from Elementary please), because I cannot wait any longer, I have tried to crack the code on the suitcase for about 15 minutes with no luck. I tried the current Sky Living channel number, which didn’t work. Hmmm! I am so excited. It’s very heavy! What is inside? 

Sky Witness

This August Sky Living becomes Sky Witness, home to the biggest and latest US drama. It’s where you’ll find all of your favourite dramas plus loads of brand new hit US series. Feel the pressure of the emergency room, hear a confession in the courtroom and find the truth at the murder scene.

My favourite dramas include: Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, Madam Secretary and Criminal Minds. And not only are these on Sky Witness but there are 3 new dramas coming up in the next few weeks too: For the people (starting on Monday 6 August), 9-1-1 (starting on Wednesday 15 August), The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair with Patrick Dempsey (starting in September) and Instinct (also starting in September). 

I am the most excited human to start watching these shows, Sky Witness and Sky Atlantic are my favourite channels and if I could take something with me on a desert island – it would be them! Cannot live without them… I also couldn’t live without my Sky Q boxes – I never miss a show. 

The Suitcase

I will keep you guys posted on what is in the suitcase, the note that was left with it just says “to unlock, await further instructions“. Exciting! 

#SkyWitness hurry up…. I am too excited. 

Update – an hour later 

So, we have now received a mobile phone with one number in it called “Witness” and another clue to await a message. The suspense is killing me. I am staring at the suitcase and the phone. 

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Last Update: Saturday, 4th August 2018