Recently Noah and Isla were sent 2 really cute, personalised books from – they are easy to create and a fantastic idea for an Easter gift for your little ones, that isn’t going to rot their teeth. It had Noah and Isla captivated, we have to read both books one after the other as they just love the story.


A stunning debut children’s picture book, that takes the concept of personalisation to the next level. ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name’ and ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name’ tell the story of a child who has lost his or her name and who sets off on a journey to track down the missing letters. The story is all about how life is an adventure, finding their name letters takes them on a special journey until at the end, they find their name again. Along the way they meet lots of weird, wonderful and wise characters. Each offers the child the first letter of its name. As the sequence of each story is dependent on the name of the child (over 236 illustrations and rhyming stories have been created to cater for every single name), so every child receives a perfectly individual book.


Let’s say the child you’re giving the book to is called Emily. She’d meet a forgetful Elephant, a rather vain Mermaid, a cold-averse Inuit, a misunderstood Lion and a genial Yeti. Each gives the first letter of their name and – hey presto – EMILY’s name is found! This captivating story never loses sight of its central theme – life is an adventure. It’s fun, surprising, mostly marvellous and intensely personal. ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name’ and ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name’ are a celebration of just that.


About the Author David Cadji-Newby is a British writer who lives in London. He has written in the big scary world of advertising and in the happy fluffy world of comedy, for shows like Allan Carr’s Chatty Man and the Armstrong and Miller Show. This is the first children’s book he has written. About the Illustrator Pedro Serapicos is a Portuguese academic, graphic designer and illustrator. Having graduated in Graphic Design from the Fine Art School at Porto University, he works from his own studio based in the north of Portugal where he also lectures in art & design.


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You can follow on Twitter: @Lostmynamebook and Facebook. Published exclusively in paperback in the UK on thick, uncoated, environmentally friendly paper, the books are available to create, view and purchase from (£18.99 & free worldwide delivery).

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