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So I was asked to go shopping, buy some items to share with the children and Daddy and have a family night in: I couldn’t resist an excuse to shop. We have just moved in to our new house and having special family time is exactly what we want to do and our new home is a lovely place to do that…



Our local supermarket, Tesco, sells pretty much everything you could want and it is really useful when you want to buy a number of items including DVD’s and a weekly shop. For our family night I thought it would be good to spend some time snuggled together in our new home: it was freezing cold outside and my little ones are still toddlers so bedtime is early in the evening. We decided to have a beautiful roast dinner as a family for tea time, home made cake for dessert and a lot of yummy snacks to watch our new family night in movie. Daddy cooked a yummy dinner which was pork and roasted vegetables, it is such a rare occasion that we all have dinner together – especially a  roast dinner. When I was a child, Sundays were family days where we had a roast dinner and tea, sometimes we would play board games or go for nice family walks with the dog. It was great family time and something that I always look back on, so having these routines and traditions with my little ones is important for me.


I have limited options with the children when it comes to family nights in, when they are older I want Sunday nights to be family time where we all have dinner together and then play board games and do big puzzles together – maybe with a family movie or followed by a family movie. I love movies and I thought Daddy would like Cloudy with Meatballs as well as the children. We all loved it. The film was so funny, especially the jelly part! They were captivated and Noah was giggling at all the funny bits which is such a happy noise to hear.


With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives at the moment, it is sacred getting time where we are all together and doing nothing much together if that makes any sense. Daddy & Mummy working full time means that weekends are precious and life is a balancing act – but we will certainly be making a huge effort to have family time on a Sunday. I think a roast dinner and family snuggles/games is a great tradition to instil in the mini Constants.


I think the children really enjoyed their time with Mummy & Daddy too, it was calm time before bathtime and it helped before bedtime too – sometimes they are running around the house like lunatics or playing in the playroom and they get hyped up – which makes tired toddlers quite a handful after 5:30pm! So it was good to have that calm time in the house and have an enjoyable bathtime and story before bed. We got a new book about the Snowman and read that before bed, which is nice as we are now getting in the run up to Christmas.



I made a very yummy cake on Sunday afternoon and it went down a treat, I will certainly be making that again over the festive period – cinnamon sponge cake is a very quick and simple cake to make. Even Noah helped me!


Thank you #cbias for making me think about my family time and how important it was to me growing up, and how important it is for me to do the same with my little family moving forward. Especially now we have a lovely new house to enjoy too. Lots of lovely memories to be made here…

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Last Update: Tuesday, 26th November 2013