The holiday season is that magical time of year when things slow down, and we are filled with wonder and nostalgia, whether we are young or young at heart. And while you may have many traditions that you have brought into your family as an adult that your family celebrated as a child, you may be on the hunt for more. With so much going on during the holiday season, it’s easy to feel stumped when it comes to new traditions to bring into your household. Keep reading for fun, large and small ideas to add more magic to your family’s Christmas traditions.

Family Photos

We all indeed walk around with high-tech cameras in our pockets in the form of our smartphones, but taking the time to sit down or go out and capture a perfectly curated family photo for the holiday season is a great tradition. Even if you don’t do it in time to make it the theme of your family Christmas card, a staged family photo is a beautiful tradition you will all treasure for a lifetime.

DIY Ornaments

These days social media and Pinterest boards are full of monochromatic and highly stylized Christmas trees, and while there’s nothing wrong with those, there is nothing like the magic of a holiday tree filled with sentimental ornaments. Add to your ornament collection by creating special DIY ornaments with your family. Making your special ornaments is fun to complete the day before putting your Christmas tree up.

Matching Outfits for Your Family

There are many Christmas Eve traditions, like a large Christmas Eve feast or opening one present, but another one you can add is matching outfits for family on Christmas Eve. The holidays are about spending time with those you love and making memories, so whether your family is blood or chosen, add an even deeper sense of togetherness and connection through matching outfits or pajamas. 

Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a fun holiday tradition, but adding your twist to this tradition can make all the difference. Baking Christmas cookies as a family is a fun way to teach your young children cooking skills or let your older kids show off their own. Traditional Christmas cookie recipes like a sugar cookie, Snickerdoodle or Ginger Snaps are your best bet, but turn it into a game like your family’s version of MasterChef. You can also donate these baked goods to a local organization that does outreach for those facing hunger or use them as holiday gifts for your children’s teachers.

Cut Your Tree

There are many reasons why families opt to have an artificial tree, but there is still something so special about a real Christmas tree. Cutting down your own Christmas tree as a family is an experience your children will treasure and remember for a lifetime. Though you may have to travel several hours to a Christmas tree farm depending on where you live, a short road trip can add even more magic to this Christmas tradition. Not to mention, Christmas trees make your home smell amazing!

Send Christmas Cards

The art of snail mail sending letters and postcards has been lost over the years, but it’s an important thing to pass on to your children. Who doesn’t love receiving something from the postman? This year get your family involved in writing special notes in Christmas cards with updates to send to friends and loved ones. You can also add your holiday family photo to the envelope!

Movie Marathons

There’s no shortage of holiday-themed movies, and while it’s fun to re-watch your Christmas favorites, why not make a night of it and do a movie marathon with everyone in the house? You can start with the more kid-friendly version earlier in the evening, and as the night goes on and the little ones go to bed, you can watch the more adult movies. Holiday movies can put you in the Christmas spirit like nothing else, so cozy up with hot cocoa, popcorn, and your favorite throw blanket. Enjoy!

Family Christmas traditions add so much additional magic to an already magical time of year, and by incorporating some of the traditions mentioned above, you can be sure that your entire household will be feeling merry and bright! Happy holidays!

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  • Amy Bondoc
    Wednesday, December 21, 2022

    we love to make our own baubles together is relaxing!