Our travel plans, places to stay, things to visit have changed with the changing times. The pandemic has changed the way we observe the new era. Traveling and holidays have always been relaxing, refreshing, and an opportunity to unwind. Second to choosing the holiday destination, the place of stay can make or break your holiday plans.

As Anita Desai has said – “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”. Thus, choosing the wrong place to stay can not only make you uncomfortable but also make your stay stressful. Serviced apartments are a great option for every kind of traveler. COVID 19 has propelled extra safety with contactless technology in these apartments. Serviced apartments are now using smart technology and automation in keeping with safety measures. One of the brands that come to mind in this regard is Kasa’s apartments in Arlington Texas. It is a beautiful property with an outdoor pool, 24-hour fitness center and a BBQ courtyard. Apart from Kasa living spaces at Arlington, they have properties in Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Columbia, Los Angeles, Frisco to name a few.

Are you looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay? Serviced apartments are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy all the comforts of home while still having access to all the amenities of a hotel. From fully-equipped kitchens and private balconies to on-site laundry facilities, serviced apartments provide travelers with everything they need for an enjoyable stay. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should look into serviced apartments for your next trip. Check out apartments for rent in hartford ct.

1. Spaciousness

Nothing is as bad as arriving at a cramped shoebox after a hectic flight or road trip. The accommodation you booked is small with a bed and TV for you to unwind. On the other hand, booking a serviced apartment will provide a generous amount of space for you to rest and recuperate. They tend to include 1 or 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, and a balcony. Thus serviced apartments are an ideal solution to travel with children. Especially with Kasa’s apartments in Arlington Texas, which provide various options like the number of bedrooms, bed sizes, number of bathrooms etc.

2. Carefree family holiday

Serviced apartments provide hassel free family time while on holidays, especially with children. They give kids ample space to play and you to have some quiet time. Apartments by Kasa provide all the modern-day amenities for the family-like washing machine, AC, iron, fitness center, WiFi, smoke and CO2 alarm, keyless entry, full kitchen, full bathroom and bedroom with linens, pillows etc. There are BBQ and spa and sauna options too.

3. Cost-effective

You don’t have to downgrade to two-star to make your travel affordable. Serviced apartments give you an option to make your food and save money, and you don’t have to give tips every time as happens in the hotel, wherein you have to tip the cleaning staff every time. You can use this money to shop in the new city and make memories.

4. Home away from home

You no longer feel homesick in those cramped rooms of a hotel. Instead of cold, unfriendly rooms, you have a spacious apartment with comfortable furniture and a relaxed atmosphere. There is added privacy in the apartment that gives you time to unwind. You are no longer homesick as serviced apartments give you more time to relax.

5. Location

Kasa’s apartments in Arlington Texas are located near the University of Texas at Arlington campus and are just six minutes from AT & T stadium. This property is within walking distance of the Arlington Museum of Art. So you can catch a Cowboys game at the stadium or some outdoor fun at Randol Mill Park. Its location is such that you can easily hop on to Interstate 30 to get to Dallas. Thus, you can have immeasurable joy on your holiday.

6. Housekeeping

People opt for hotels during vacation or business travel to have some service, and they don’t have to clean up after traveling for the day or working the whole day. A serviced apartment, nowadays, not only is a home away from home but also provides great housekeeping service. Daily linen and towel service is also provided in some apartments. So you don’t have to lift a finger.

Serviced apartments like those by Kasa in Arlington Texas, are a great option for those traveling for leisure or business or are on holiday with family. The modern amenities, location, kitchen facilities provide the best of both worlds. So why wait? Book your accommodation today.

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Last Update: Thursday, 9th February 2023