No matter whether you have a flower, vegetable, or fruit garden, squirrels can become a pain as they like to pinch them. Between digging around your plants for food, eating shoots, fruits, and vegetables, and smashing down leaves, squirrels can be quite the nuisance animal. Although I do love them! If you need to keep them off the garden then here are a few tips for you…

Deterrent Plants

            While squirrels will eat many plants, there are some plants that they cannot stand, and they will stay away from your garden because of them. Mint plants, mustard plants, and marigolds are all repulsive to squirrels. Planting these plants around the perimeter of your garden can be a great way to form a layer of defense around your vulnerable plants like tomatoes and fruits. Deterrent plants work best if there is a solid barrier of them around the edge of your garden, which can get to be excessive in large gardens. Visit to learn more about the diet and biology of squirrels.

Build a Fence

A great way to keep squirrels out of your garden is to set up a fence or barrier of some kind. This not only prevents the squirrels from getting access to your plants, but it will also deter many other common garden pests. While the most common yard fences could possibly deter squirrels, it is very unlikely, as these critters can climb like crazy. The best way to build a fence around your garden is to use chicken wire. Since squirrels are great climbers, you will have to install a layer of chicken wire over the top of your fence to prevent squirrels, birds, and other animals from getting in that way. Fences are a great way to keep critters out!

Make Them Feel Unsafe

            An unorthodox, though very effective method for keeping squirrels out of your garden is to allow your pets to roam your yard. This works especially well if you have a medium to large size dog, as small dogs and cats might not show very much interest in squirrels in some cases. Even by seeing that a pet is patrolling your yard, a squirrel is much less likely to leave its nest. This tactic can work well during the day and night, provided you have an outside pet. If you have an inside pet, you will have to try different methods. Another great way to make squirrels feel like they are in danger is to put some owl, hawk, or coyote decoys around your garden, as these visual deterrents will make squirrels think twice before ravaging your plants.

Professional Help

            One of the best ways to keep squirrels out of your garden for good is to hire a professional wildlife removal company. Wildlife removal companies, like A+ Animal Solutions, have been dealing with all kinds of squirrel situations, and they will have no problem figuring out ways to keep squirrels out of your garden, or even remove them if needed. In addition, pest removal companies also provide many additional services that can be very necessary if you have a squirrel problem.

Replace Scents

            One problem that can happen is that when squirrels see or smell other squirrels around your garden, they will be attracted to it as well. One of the best ways to take care of this issue is to make a homemade mixture of water and one of the following: hot sauce, mint, or other strong essential oils. You can spray this around the perimeter of your garden and should find immediate results. On a related note, if you happen to find an orphaned baby squirrel or a dead squirrel around your garden, having a wildlife removal company take care of it can diminish the attraction other squirrels would otherwise have towards your garden.

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Last Update: Saturday, 12th February 2022

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