I get the itch to redecorate, move the furniture around and de-clutter quite frequently. I would say at least once every few months I will focus on something to make it look “better”. Now we are moving in to Spring, I am getting the urge to create a clean living space. I want something that I can relax in, that isn’t full of toys and dog chews. Something that can be my little space. Maybe something with a little sparkle, like the Pirce Artemide collection from LampCommerce.

Here are my 5 top tips for creating a clean living space, based on information I have found across the internet and some very lovely visual resources on Pinterest. It’s amazing how lost you can get in that app, hours pass before you realise.

My top 5 tips for creating a clean living space

  1. Declutter. My living space, currently, has so many things in it that just do not need to be there. Cupboards full of DVD’s that I simply do not watch and childrens toys that look messy. The plan is to declutter the cupboards and make room for somewhere for those toys to live, that can be hidden away at bedtime. Sometimes it feels hard to throw something away, if you are finding it hard to do this then why not try moving it into a different location or in a cupboard. If you miss it, get it back, if you don’t throw it out the next time you declutter.
  2. Small storage solutions. Find those smaller storage solutions that do not overwhelm the living space. A hovering shelf looks fabulous against a wall of patterns, the perfectly placed accessories make the living space look clean and inviting.

  3. Create a bright room by removing dark and dull blinds or curtains from the windows. Making a window serve as much natural light as possible is a must, especially if you have a dark room to begin with. I do love curtains to finish a window, and also keep the heat in but we have big dark ones over our windows. So we need to replace these for light ones that do the same job.
  4. You can make your room look brighter and often larger by creating powerful blasts of light from fabulous lamps or light fixtures. Having dark areas light up can really bring the room to life, making it much cosier. There are some great tricks all over the internet, one of my favourite reads is Apartment Therapy making a small room, dark room feel larger.
  5. And finally, a great trick of the trade is making the use of mirrors. Mirrors can reflect the light into different angles of the room. Or reflect colour from a contrasting “statement” wall and displaying splashes of colour.

Lounge image by ShutterStock.

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Last Update: Friday, 4th March 2016