Mykonos is one of the most popular and beautiful Greek islands. It is famous for its sunbathing celebrities, utopian beaches and white Cycladic architecture. You will find a fun-loving cosmopolitan culture. To enjoy the experience in a romantic or a family trip, rent a private villa from My Rental Homes. It will be the proverbial cherry-on-the-top for an unforgettable voyage. I cannot wait to travel again with the family, after lockdown, this is certainly making Mykonos memorable and I haven’t even been!

Mykonos is a popular destination for the tourists looking for a slice of a hedonistic lifestyle. It is a place to literally party all night and shop all day. You can find five-star hotels, luxury resorts, wonderful restaurants, expensive shops, and fancy beach clubs here.

There are too many things to do in Mykonos and not enough time. That’s why we have devised a list of five must-do things in Mykonos that will make your stay memorable.

1.    Stroll Through Matogianni Street

Matogianni Street runs from north to south through Mykonos town, with a web of smaller alleys darting off. This is the main street where all the magic happens. You can find countless things to catch your interest.

There are souvenir shops, jewellery stores, and boutiques lining the street, including some international chains. Many taverns serve tasty classic Greek dishes, like Souvlaki or Gyro. There are romantic spots and bars to satiate your hunger for food and party.

2.    Revel in the Rich Archeological Sites of Delos

The island of Delos is only a couple of kilometres away from Mykonos. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nowhere else in the world a natural insular archaeological site of such a size and historical importance can be found. In Greek mythology, Delos is called the birthplace of twin archer gods Apollo and Artemis.

Delos island is an ark of history, signifying the glory of Greek civilisation. You can spend days walking around revelling in the magnificence of a bygone era. There are fantastic Hellenistic mosaics, temples, theatres, statues, fountains, and more to hold your fancy.

Delos archaeological museum is one of its kind. Some of its artefacts go back more than 3,500 years.

3.    Wander the Little Venice, Alefkandra

The western lip of Old Harbour has a neighbourhood with a beautiful web of little alleys, called Alefkandra. This picturesque area is next to the sea. It offers one of the most beautiful sunset views in the Greek peninsula. It is colloquially known as the Little Venice. The numerous restaurants line the sea, making them very suitable for a romantic dinner.

Many restaurants, clubs, and bars make Alefkandra full of life at any time of the day or night. If you get a chance, try to get a table before twilight and create an everlasting memory of watching the seashore sunset with your lovely significant other.

4.    Visit the Historical Church of Panagia Paraportiani

In the Kastro neighbourhood, just north of Little Venice, you can find the Church of Panagia Paraportiani. It was built somewhere between 400 and 600 years ago as a monument.

It is composed of five different churches. Four of them are interconnected and built on the ground level. The fifth church is built above them. It is an entirely white-washed monument dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Many tourists visit this ancient church for wonderful photo opportunities.

5.    Make The Magnificent Beaches of Mykonos memorable

Agios Sostis Beach is the best for you if you crave for a time away from the crowds. There are no beachfront bars, sunbeds or restaurants. There is only peace and quiet in the shallow, glimmering waters.

Elia Beach is ideal if you are looking to experience the most vibrant and cosmopolitan side of Mykonos. There are golden sands and low cliffs to the side. Naturists also flock here to enjoy the atmosphere.

Kalo Livadi Beach has a sandy front on a lovely valley with white houses. Children can play in the shallows without worrying about the currents.

Kalafatis Beach has magnificent golden sands and clear, shallow waters. This place is ideal for surfers.

These are some great tips on what to visit to make Mykonos memorable and the best holiday after lockdown.

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Last Update: Thursday, 11th February 2021