Kids grow so quickly, don’t they? Whether they’ve already grown out of their latest shoes, their new school coat or they don’t like a certain superhero or cartoon character anymore, they change so fast it’s not always easy to keep up! They also grow out of their bedrooms fast too. So all that money you spent decorating your little girls’ room with unicorns and fairies might seem like a little bit of a waste. While you can’t stop the march of time, there are ways you can update to a neutral bedroom for your child that will make a big difference, but they won’t grow out of too quickly. 

Refresh the skirting boards

Skirting boards, kickboards or baseboards. Whatever you call them, the planks of wood that run around the base of every room in your housework hard to protect your walls from scrapes, scuffs and furniture bumps. And they work even harder in your kids’ room! Skirting boards get dull, dirty and shabby pretty quickly, which is why replacing them with new ones – like these from Skirtings R Us – is the perfect solution. You’ll notice that the room looks instantly refreshed and smarter too!

Hang up some artwork

It’s lovely when your child spends hours on a drawing or painting at school or nursery, but it’s sad when they bring it home and it gets forgotten about in a drawer somewhere. To keep your little Picasso happy, you can refresh their bedroom by hanging up some of their favourite pieces. You could frame them and mount them on the walls or create a collage above their bed. If they’re a little older then you could hang string across the room and peg their favourite pictures onto it. You could then swap and change the pictures as much as they like. 

Create a reading nook

We’re always told how important it is to encourage our little ones to read. So, instead of having their books piled up out of reach, why not transform a corner of their bedroom into a dedicated reading nook? All you’ll need is a beanbag or cushions, plenty of light and of course all their favourite reads!

Update their bedding

A super simple way of updating your child’s room is by updating their bedding. Opt for block colours or pastels and patterns and avoid cartoon characters that they could grow bored of within 3 months. Layer their bed with plenty of cushions and pillows and make it extra cool with a couple of matching throws and decorative pieces.


It’s a little daunting, but sometimes a fresh lick of paint is all it takes to completely transform a bedroom. Let your kids get involved and choose the colour (within reason). If you want to fill plain empty walls then opt for some wall stickers. They’re budget-friendly and there are hundreds of designs to choose from online. 

Updating your kids’ room doesn’t have to be expensive or hard work! I have loved adding a little story corner addition to Isla’s room. It is all things that can be removed when she grows out of it too. Perfect for a growing little lady. What do you do in your children’s rooms to make a neutral bedroom?

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