We all do it.  No matter how well we think we have events planned out, we always forget some small aspect that seems like everything is ruined without it.  A Halloween party our children for example.  Unless we want sugar-infused kids running amuck with nothing to do, we better have something fun to entertain them before the party turns into a real terror.  Here are five, quick, easy and fun last minute ideas that you can use this Halloween.

Ghost In A Tree

For this project, all you need is purple and black construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, a permanent marker, and some white cupcake liners or tissues.  Cut out an outline of a tree with the black construction paper then glue it to the purple sheet.  Crumple the cupcake liners to look like a ghost, add some eyes and a mouth, then glue them in the tree and you have a creative and fun Halloween decoration that your children can display.

Poke A Picture

Another fun craft the kiddos will enjoy only requires a sheet of black construction paper and something to poke holes with, such as a pencil or pen.  Help them draw an outline, a template would be easier to follow on the back paper, of Halloween characters on the paper.  Once done, let them poke holes around the outline and then display in the window.  When the sun goes down, take them outside and show them how their creations light up when displayed in your front window. 

Mandarin Pumpkins

Using a black non-toxic marker, have your children create funny and unique pumpkin faces on mandarin oranges.  They not only make for a creative decoration but also a healthy snack during or after the party.

Huge Discount Halloween Costumes

Not the crafty type and in a crunch for a costume that won’t break the bank?  No problem.  Many retailers, such as marksandspencer.com have much of their Halloween items marked with huge discounts.  From Frankenstein to Dracula, a little searching can go a long way towards the perfect costume.

More Discounted Halloween Fun

If you are needing something more than just a costume for your little ones to haunt the streets in on Halloween, check out ocado.com.  You can find everything from slippery slime to monster feet stilts.  With savings of up to 25% on much of their Halloween inventory, you can create a great Halloween experience for your family that won’t leave you broke.
There you have it.  Five ways you can turn the last minute rush into a fun and creative event.  Whether you are the crafty type or not, these tips can help any last minute party planner create the perfect party.  Good luck and Happy Halloween.

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