Is it your friend’s birthday? Your best friend’s birthday? Maybe your partner’s birthday? Your co-worker’s birthday? Fine! Your dog’s birthday? Well, it doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, all that matters is what you’re buying for them! One thing we can tell you – hampers are the rage right now. Who wouldn’t like to receive a hamper with all the goodies that they can never expect! Yes, even your little pet. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, keep reading to find out the five best hampers that you can put together for a special loved one!

#1 The Artsy Kind Of A Hamper 

If your friend is the creative type, then it’s only fair to put together an artsy hamper which has some boards, art supplies, paints, brushes, palettes, and some drawing books! Make sure you know their preferences regarding paints, brushes, and canvases. 

Or you could just have one of each! The best part about this hamper is that since there is always innovation, you can find crazier and more creative things to add to your hamper!

#2 The Sweet Tooth Hamper

If your loved one loves sweets, then this idea is perfect for them! Get a straw basket – because aesthetics matter, and some candies, chocolate bars, jellies, cupcakes, waffles, etc, Along with the sweets, you can have extra toppings and chocolate sauces in there too. 

There you go! Your very own chocolate hamper is ready- easy to make and easier to relish! Hopefully, you won’t devour any of those before it gets to your loved one!

#3 The Mobile-Friendly Hamper

If your friend (like most normal people) is addicted to his phone, then you know what to do. Some nice phone covers, the best earphones (Make sure you know which ones they’ve got), a good quality scratch-resistant screen glass, screen cleaners and maybe even some lenses for their phone! There are also newer things like tripods and selfie sticks in the market. Find out what it is that your friend needs the most, and prepare a hamper accordingly! 

You can give them some books on de-addiction, just to be on the safer (humorous) side. It will probably balance it out. Plus you’ll go down in history books as a concerned friend too! 

#4 The Health Conscious Hamper

Alright, we all have vegan friends, diet-conscious friends, overweight friends, and just unnecessarily paranoid about their weight friends! For all of them, we have a solution – when their birthday is around the corner, get them the health-conscious corner with tasty, deliciously healthy snack bars, juices, dishes, ingredients coupled with some nice fruits and dry fruits!

It is sure to keep them busy and happy for a while. You can even slide in a book on ‘Healthy living’ there – for added effect!

#5 The Junk Food Hamper 

For every health-conscious friend we have, there are at least five junk food lovers in our friend circle! For any or all of those friends – here’s the best kind of a hamper. A junk food hamper that consists of a variety of chips, chocolate bars, toffees, candies, lollipops, mixtures, treats, biscuits, wafers, etc. for them to have something for the binging session! 

What’s more, you could even drop in some food discount coupons for them as a bonus. Don’t be surprised if you see an empty hamper the next time you see them!

Get over single gifts – hampers are the new trend to catch on to! Why have one when you can have them all? People love receiving gifts in plenty, and one hamper could just do the trick. Make sure you know that one thing that a close one is obsessed about. 

And there you go! You can make their day with a variety of presents all rolled up into one! I love making up hampers and I will definitely be doing that this year.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th October 2020