Whether you’re a budding blogger or starting out as a professional photographer, it’s essential to boost your online presence. This way you can really showcase your talents and reach out to a wider audience. In this day and age, the internet is saturated with promotional content. You need to think outside the box and look for fun ways to make your personal brand stand out above the rest. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Offer freebies and gifts

You could consider offering freebies and gifts. If you’re on a limited budget you could offer these to your most valuable clients, or in exchange for repeat business. Alternatively, you can order customised gift sets to promote your brand in bulk online. Everyone loves a freebie and it’s a good way to get some exposure. Choose items that your clients will use everyday such as a pen or water bottle. You don’t necessarily need to spend much.

Create fun video content

Video content is easy to make yet very effective and engaging. You could make a drone video or simply use your smartphone. There are plenty of free video editing tools you can use to create professional-looking material. Post a how-to video on social media, podcast, or product reviews, for instance. Video is very versatile so it depends on the type of work you do. If you’re a professional photographer, for example, you could make an artistic video showcasing your work, for example.

Network on social media

If you want to get your personal brand out there you need to network on social media. If you’re looking to get hired try these tips to boost your personal brand on LinkedIn. Instagram is also a great tool. It’s ideal for posting fun video content, referrals, or ads to your latest blog posts. Always reply to your followers and keep your accounts up to date.

Attend virtual events

You could also attend virtual events online. Network with similar people on social media and find out if there’s anything relevant to your personal brand at the moment. You could even collaborate with other freelancers to create your own virtual event. Alternatively, you could host a webinar or an informative online course. Creating your own digital products is a great way to get noticed online. Here are a few more virtual event tips to give you inspiration.

Enter contests

If you’re a creative type such as a design, writer, or photographer, you could look for contests to enter online. If you happen to win this will bring you a lot of recognition, if not it’s still great experience. You can also network with other competitors and share tips and advice. Here are some of the best photography competitions to enter at the moment, for example. Who knows, you might just get lucky. Find new and fun ways to promote your personal brand online this year. This way you can continue to surprise your followers and make a name for yourself in the field.

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Last Update: Monday, 12th July 2021