The internet presents customers with so many options, making it hard for them to remain loyal to one brand over time. However, millennials have turned out to be one of the most brand-loyal generations. Win the love of these faithful customers this holiday season by using the following tips.

Promote selectively

Cut through the clutter of gift options for your company by creating the best promotional products. Use these products at trade shows, holiday parties, in-store giveaways, and social media competitions. Another group of people with whom you want to encourage loyalty is your employees. Give them something as simple as a coffee mug that is both functional and sleek. Small gifts that represent the versatility of your company are always a good idea.

Value customer experience

When it comes to buying a service or a product, the customer’s experience should always be a priority. Make it memorable in all the right ways, and they’ll be back. Even negative experiences can be worked to your advantage if you make the customer feel heard and understood. Go above and beyond to resolve the issue, and you can inspire more brand loyalty. 

One important customer exchange is when a product has been returned or when a service doesn’t meet expectations. Take time to train your employees on how to handle the extra stress this holiday season, so they are prepared to curate an above-average customer experience. 

Reap the rewards

You can also inspire customer loyalty by offering a sweet rewards program. Your younger customer base is more likely to choose your brand over another simply because of the added bonus of a rewards program. 

For smaller businesses, this can be as simple as a punch card for visits that add up to a free or discounted purchase. Larger companies can offer rewards like earning cashback for purchases or coupons after a certain dollar level is achieved.

Celebrate the season

Choosing to highlight your company values this time of year is a more intimate way to express your gratitude for brand loyalty. You can do this by throwing an annual holiday event that returning clients can attend or a special gala for employees. 

These events are often done at other times of the year, but by doing them during the holidays, you can reinforce your brand while making everyone feel more like family. A special event like this shows you are committed to serving the needs of your client through attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and honest appreciation.

Test the holidays

The holidays are an ideal time to test new consumer marketing campaigns. You can learn what is working and what isn’t when it comes to engaging customers. So many advertisements and marketable avenues are already accessible to your customers this time of the year. 

So, it’s worth optimizing your marketing campaigns by focusing on the staples of your brand. Rework the way you present these to target the new audience you are trying to reach. People are already shopping more this time of the year. You can benefit from this market by creating customizable campaigns that show off new rewards programs or your newest design.

This holiday season, don’t sit back and waste valuable time while other businesses are vying for the attention of your customers. Instead, offer something unique and designed just for your target audience. By making the experience of connecting with your brand as important as the products or services you sell, you can reinforce loyalty this Christmas and create return customers.

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Last Update: Thursday, 5th December 2019