New York is such an incredible city with something amazing to discover around every corner. Even people that have lived there for their entire lives still don’t have time to experience everything that the city has to offer, so if you’re only going for the weekend, how do you decide what you’re going to do? There are certain things that are central to the New York experience and if you only have a limited time for your trip, you should try to hit those main highlights. These are the best things to do on a weekend trip to New York. 

See The Skyline 

The New York skyline is so iconic and while you’re visiting the city, you need to experience it in all its glory. The three main places to go if you want to experience the skyline are the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower and the Rockefeller Center. All of them have great observatories that give you the chance to go up to the top and get some incredible views over the city. They all have their benefits but the Rockefeller is probably the best because it has a great central location that is easy to get to and you get a great view of Central Park that you don’t get from other observatories. 

Visit The 9/11 Memorial 

One of the best things about travel is that it’s a learning experience for the kids, which is why you should always try to fit museums into your trips. There are so many great museums in New York but if you only have time for one, you should visit the 9/11 memorial museum. The memorial itself is free to visit but there is an entry fee for the museum. Inside, you will learn more about what happened on that day as well as the history of the buildings themselves. It can be a difficult museum but it’s one that everybody should experience at least once.  

See A Broadway Show 

Broadway is home to the most famous shows in the world and it’s every stage actor’s dream to appear in one. While you’re in New York, don’t miss the opportunity to see one. You can get tickets for the best Broadway New York shows for a reduced price online and there are so many choices. A lot of the old classic shows are still playing or you could go for something more modern. Whatever your tastes, you should be able to find something that the whole family will enjoy. 

Try Some Street Food 

The city is filled with amazing restaurants but it’s the street food that you really think of when you think of New York. Hot dog stands and bagel places can easily be found on every corner and while you’re there, you should make sure to try these iconic New York staples. 

You only have time to scratch the surface if you’re in New York for the weekend or if your planning a visit for a wedding, but you should make sure to experience these things while you’re there. 

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Last Update: Monday, 9th September 2019