In a world filled with large amounts of time spent in front of the endless amounts of technology that are available to us, children have developed a habit of sitting and watching (not that it is a bad thing). But, children need to create; it is important for children to get back to the basics and discover the joy of creating and there is nothing Isla loves more. This isn’t just to provide good clean fun, but to help them develop in ways only putting crayon to paper can.

Promoting Brain Development

Drawing provides an early foundation for brain development, including abstract thought, logical thinking and problem solving. While drawing and coloring, your children utilize lines, shapes, dots and other symbols to create their final product. They also unknowingly solve problems such as, where the dog’s tail belongs and what color the house should be. Foster this brain development by engaging them in conversation about their artistic process. Ask them why they have chosen to draw what they did or why they chose the colors they did to help them articulate their choices and identify their problem solving capabilities. Help your children expand on these skills by giving them a variety of coloring worksheets. For example, this silly faces worksheet from or a basic version of this worksheet are good places to start. And you can always ask your children to create their own image using just those shapes.


Stimulating Creativity

George Bernard Shaw said, “Imagination is the beginning of creation.” This is most certainly true when it comes to children and their drawing process. Drawing encourages your children to tap into their imagination and make a physical representation of what they have thought up. Help your children explore their creativity and imagination by providing several outlets of expression, be it a series of designated coloring pages, an electronic outlet like the S pen on the Galaxy Note 4 or a chalkboard or whiteboard wall. No matter what medium it is, give your children space to start thinking outside of the box (and paper).

Boosting Confidence

Drawing has the inherent ability to boost your children’s confidence. As they learn to express themselves through creative outlets, they also gain excitement about their accomplishments. When children find pride in their artwork, they will want to show off their work, which lends itself to approval and praise. The feeling of accomplishment coupled by public acknowledgement of their success provides a boost to their confidence. Increase the power of praise by identifying specifics from the accomplishment at hand, such as “I really like the colors you chose for the flowers in the garden” or “Your use of shapes in this one is impressive.”

Enabling Bonding Moments

In addition to all the individual benefits your children receive from engaging in the art of drawing and coloring, it also provides a mutual benefit for you as well. As your children step back from other mindless activities, they will refocus that attention into their physical surroundings. Engage yourself in the creative fun by drawing your own photos. The time spent together will create lasting moments between you and your children. They may not always remember what you drew, but they will remember the time you spent together.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 18th November 2015