27 weeks, wow, I cannot believe the final trimester is here already… It’s gone really quickly and considering we knew right from the start, that’s got to have been quick. 6 months ago was Noahs christening, it was summer, it’s crazy how quickly time flies with bump when you have a tot!

I’ve started getting pains in my pelvis again, much the same as when I was carrying Noah. I can’t take side steps, push anything with my foot (like slide the washing basket over etc) it hurts to get up, sit down and roll over in bed. Thank god for my maternity pillow, I wrapped myself around it last night and it felt really comfortable. For the first time in ages! Theraline have a lot to be thanked for 🙂

So what’s in store for my final trimester then? Tiredness, aching, sleepless nights and oh yes don’t forget looking after Noah, usual housework and my day job. I officially have less than 3 months at work now… Eek. My baby name app told me I have 89 days left today which scared me too!

The bump enjoyed a walk in the snow yesterday, although my body didn’t! Achy pelvis just got achier but there you go, I had to make the most of the beautiful snow day!

Bumpometer update
weight: 8 st 7lb
Measurement: 92.5 cms

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Last Update: Monday, 6th February 2012