Today started off really good, we had a lovely chilled out morning. Then after lunch we decided to go out on a bike ride – you may have already seen from my social media what happened! Poor poor Isla, I feel so guilty. We biked through a ford near Hail Weston and the floor of it was covered in Algae, I lost control of my bike and skidded across the floor of the ford – I just remember looking back and seeing Isla slam to the ground (thank goodness for her helmet). Then as I stood up, I slipped on the floor again and landed bum down on the river bed floor. Both Isla and I were drenched through and that wind made for a horrible bike ride home. Poor Isla had a cut lip and her clothes were wet, she got really tired on the way home and I was so worried about her. I am sure she was in shock. After a warm shower though she was back to herself again.

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