Today was a funny one: it started off with the monsoon rain and we went to see The BFG at the Odeon in Milton Keynes (which is amazing), we then had a chilled afternoon with friends and got back home to a beautiful meal. But, a traumatic one. Isla had Savoy Cabbage lodged in her throat, she couldn’t breathe and her lips were going blue. Daddy was patting her back, she was upside down. Noah and I cried our eyes out, it was so traumatic, it was only minutes. It felt like hours. Daddy had a clever idea to put his fingers down her throat to try and get the cabbage out and he did. Along with a bit of sick, bless her. I have never been so grateful for a first aid course and someone who can be calm under pressure. She may be quite bruised and sore tomorrow. 

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Last Update: Sunday, 16th October 2016

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