If you are reading this post, chances are you are expecting your first child or are expecting your second, third or even fifth child. One of the concerns in your mind might be to pick the right name for your newborn. No one would want to pick a random name for their child. The name that you give to your child will become a part of his or her identity for the rest of their lives. These celebrity baby names are a great place to start.

Finding a perfect name for your child isn’t easy. While some couples find so much fun in it, others find it so overwhelming. The best thing is that there are many baby names used by celebs that ordinary people can choose from. Most of these names are unusual making your child appear unique in their own way.

When it comes to baby names, celebrities seem to be on another wavelength. They have the courage to pick the absolute unusual names, names that most average parents would never go for. Most of them love using names associated with Hollywood. A good case was when Aaron Paul (a Breaking Bad star) and his wife named their newborn daughter Story Annabelle.

If any other couple had settled to such a name, many would term it outrageous. However, that is not the case with Hollywood stars and other celebrities. In fact, two more celebrity couples named their children Story.

The name Story is not the only one; it is one of the many celebrity baby names that have obsessed people in 2019.

Without further ado, here are the 15 hottest celebrity baby names for 2019:

1.  Rose

Rose is among the popular baby names for 2019. Celebrities such as singer Adam Levine, Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington and Dusty Rose, daughter to model Behati Prinsloo could be the reason for its increased popularity.

2. Stark

Surely Stark found its way in this list of baby names for 2019. The Stark family, from popular show Game of Thrones and Tony Stark, the lead character in the Avengers movies appears to have inspired the popularity of this name.

3. Birdie

While many would think of it as an old name, Birdie fits in well with common nicknames such as Lettie and Hattie. The name of the daughter to Busy Philipps was inspired by Lady Bird Johnson. More civilians have been inspired by the hit movie Lady Bird to name their babies Birdie.

Celebrities such as Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan, Busy Phillips and Maura West have used this name.

4. Ever

Ever, meaning always has been used as a first name for a long time. Many celebrities have used this name. In 1974, Robert Carradine named his daughter Ever, and just recently Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich named their daughter Ever. Also, Alanis Morissette named his son Ever.

5. Navy

In February 2019, Jason Aldean, a country music superstar together with his wife Brittany Kerr named their newborn daughter Navy Rome. Since then the name has increased in popularity.

6. Bruin

This unique name has been popular in 2019. This is after Brandi Redmond, a star from the Real Housewives of Dallas named his adopted son Bruin.

7. Future

If you think your child is special, why not name him Future! Ciara, a singer, and an actress gave this name to her son.

8. Phoenix

In 2019 we have experienced an increasing trend in the number of parents naming their newborn daughters Phoenix. Music producer Jordan Powell and country music singer Angaleena Presley named their girl Phoenix.

9. Violet

Many celebrities have named their newborn daughters Violet. They include Actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, John Krasinki and Emily Blunt and also singer Rachel Platten.

10. Snow

Remember John Snow from the Games of Thrones? As a result, there was a huge increase in the number of boys named Snow in 2019. Some parents even named their girls snow.

11. Archie

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex named their son Archie. And just like other hottest baby names 2019, it has risen in popularity.

12. Bernadette

Molly Yeh, a star at the Food Network and her husband Nick Hagen named their daughter Bernadette.

13. Ivy

Ivy is a baby name that became popular amongst the celebrities in 2019. Celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and Jessa Duggar Seewald and Ben Seewald have named their daughters Ivy. 

14. Rami

In the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, the actor portraying Freddy is called Rami Malek. This explains why Rami has become a popular name for boys.

15. Journey

This list could not be complete without the name Journey. Just as the name suggests, it can be a perfect name for those wishing their children have a travel-filled life. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green gave their son this name.

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Last Update: Monday, 18th November 2019