If you’re a landlord, you’ll no doubt want to make sure that you keep your tenants happy. What better way to do that than to invest in some unique design ideas? Here’s how… As a landlord, you have plenty of responsibilities towards your tenants. Whether it’s making sure that maintenance issues are handled correctly, or your tenant’s deposit is protected in a government-backed scheme, your duties are never-ending. But have you considered how important it is to review how the properties you rent out are designed? As a family that rented up until 2 years ago, we understand how important it is to consider home design ideas!

It may not be the first thing you think of if you manage a number of different buy-to-let properties. That said, there’s no denying that it’s an effective method of making sure that your loyal tenants continue to stay put.

So, to reduce the risk of landlord & tenant disputes occurring, investing in a trendy home design may be the way to go…

10 Home Design Ideas for Your Buy-to-Let Properties

1.)  Opt for Light but Neutral Colours

Emphasising the space in a room is always going to be one of your biggest priorities, right? After all, no one wants to be living in a cramped, dingy space if they can help it. So, the best place to start to bring an interior to life is by repainting the walls a light, but neutral colour.

Why light? Well, light colours help to make a room appear larger than it actually is, as well as helping to prevent it from appearing too oppressive.

And why neutral? Not everyone’s colour preferences are going to be exactly the same, which means opting for a neutral colour – like white or light grey – will usually appeal to everybody’s sensibilities.

2.)  Pick the Right Paint for the Job

There are countless different types of interior paint you can use to decorate your tenant’s property. So, make sure to do a spot of research before you get your overalls on and put your paintbrush to work.

For instance, satin paint may be a perfect choice as it’s easier to clean (especially useful if your tenants have any young children…), whereas semi-gloss paints are mildew resistant – perfect for bathrooms.

3.)  Aim for Hardwood Over Carpet

Carpet certainly has its benefits. It’s stylish, comfortable and warm, and is relatively cheap to install. However, it’s not always the best choice for a buy-to-let property, as it needs to be replaced quite often after becoming dirty and worn – not ideal for your tenants.

So, where possible, it’s often better to invest in hardwood flooring for your buy-to-let property. Hardwood flooring can still be stylish and will be much easier for your tenants to maintain. Win win!

4.)  Prioritise Good Lighting

The positioning of lighting can make or break a home, so its importance should not be underestimated when it comes to designing your buy-to-let property. Make sure to always maximise natural lighting and, if your budget allows, have high-quality lighting installed prior to your tenants arriving.  

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5.)  Use Mirrors to Bounce Light

While we’re on the subject of lighting, you can always brighten up a room by putting mirrors to good use. Mirrors will bounce light around a room, which can help to brighten it up and make it seem bigger.

Experiment with small mirrors and full-length mirrors to see how you can spread light around a room as efficiently as possible.

6.)  Decorate for Your Target Audience

While your buy-to-let property may end up being rented out to a number of different tenants in the long run, you should still look to design it with a target audience in mind. If you’ve got a one-bedroom apartment, you’re likely going to be looking at renting to a young couple, whereas if you’ve got a four-bedroom detached house, you’ll have a family to cater to.

So, when you’re making interior design choices, keep in mind how they might appeal (or put off) your target audience.

7.)  Avoid Including Unnecessary Furniture

When people rent a home, they are still going to want a certain level of freedom when it comes to making specific additions. One of the best design choices you can make to keep your tenants happy is to avoid including any unnecessary furniture and allow them to bring their own.

This way, your tenants are much more likely to feel at home while they’re renting, increasing the chances of them staying for the long term.

8.)  Don’t Forget the Importance of Curtains

Curtains are likely something you’ll be tasked with installing rather than your tenant, so it’s important to get them right. After all, there are plenty of, let’s say, garish curtain designs out there which can be more than a little off putting.

You don’t have to have curtains installed either. If you want, you can always go for blinds – at least there will be less chance of getting it wrong!

9.) Invest in Clever Storage Solutions

While we probably don’t like to admit it, we all have plenty of (literal) baggage that needs to be stored away. A design tip to keep in mind for your buy-to-ley property is to invest in clever storage solutions that will help your tenants stay clear of clutter. This is one of my favourite home design ideas!

You can opt for something simple, like installing shelving units around the home. Or, you could be a little more adventurous and convert neglected stair cupboards into a home for coats and shoes. 

10.) Work Alongside Your Tenant

In the rare instances where you have a close relationship with your tenant, it may be appropriate to consult them in the design changes you have in mind. That way, you can make sure that their needs are catered for.

Of course, this isn’t always going to work, and you’ll need to be sure that your tenant is going to be sticking around. You don’t want to craft a custom-made home, only for them to leave as soon as their first lease expires.

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Are You Looking for Design Inspiration for Your Buy-to-Let Property?

There you have it! These design ideas may be exactly what you need if you want to keep your tenants happy, so be sure to take them into consideration.

Have you got any more buy-to-let home design ideas you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment below:

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Last Update: Wednesday, 24th March 2021