Me and Mine {February}

Another month of this year has whooshed us past, I simply cannot believe how quickly the days are going. This months Me and Mine is based from our beach trips to Norfolk, our favourite beach, Wells Next to Sea. It was a great day, a little windy but not too cold and the sun was shining. The children walked really far and we had a great time together as a family, which is what these days are all about. This was our first attempt, which just makes me smile:


I just love this beach, the beach huts for one are such an array of colour. They make the beach look friendly and quaint. It is the perfect back drop to photos and some of my favourite memories and photos are in front of these very beach huts. Sometimes its the simple things that you can hold on to the hardest.





Behind the beach huts there is a wood full of fur cones and logs. People have been making dens and log paths which of course set out a great play area for us. We managed to get some really nice photos using our handy timer – which you can set up to 30 seconds long. Sometimes you need that much time to get back into position and keep the kids engaged! We managed to get these two lovely photos in the woods:

woods woods2

Noah wanted a go at taking the buttons, at first I thought he didnt understand what he was doing and that he hadnt run back to be in the photo. Then this happened and I realised he knew exactly what he was doing:


dear beautiful

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