Noah and Isla recieved a brilliant new toy from WOW Toys to review: Jurassic Jimmy. Jimmy is from the jurassic period and comes with his very own pet dinosaurs and jurassic vehicle – which doesn’t need batteries to run and is friction powered – it is really fab as you push Jimmy along in his vehicle and he just keeps going. WOW Toys have yet again come up with a fabulous toy that the children love playing with and they never get tired of playing with their WOW Toy vehicles.

Another fantastic toy from WOW Toys!


Both little ones love Jurassic Jimmy, they love caveman Jimmy and they make gorilla noises when they are playing with him which makes me giggle. The motorised truck pulls along the trailor and dinosaurs a treat, it glides effortless across the playroom floor as if it were operated by batteries. It is great that it isn’t – no need to worry about it running out! Phew! I love the little egg on the trailor and so does little Noah, he plays hide and seek with the dinosaurs. They find it ever so amusing. The trailor sits on the back of the truck by a big rounded magnet, it has helped Isla with her motor skills and she can now line it up beautifully.


You can buy Jurassic Jimmy online at Argos. You can see all the fantastic WOW Toys on their website: You can follow them on Twitter: @WOW_Toys, like them on Facebook: and subscribe to their YouTube feed:

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