A bit of a large title, but it is a great question, who is the person behind the blog? And how will that increase blog satisfaction? Well its a simple sum really: happy blogger + happy content = blog satisfaction. Blog satisfaction is not chasing statistics, nor chasing brands for those “things” you desire. Its writing about you, the things you do and the things you want to write about. 



Who is the person behind the blog? 

Well you should know me by now, I am Sonia Constant. I blog about family life: what life is like for a working mum and dad, the activities we get up to as a family, the things we enjoy and pretty much everything else along the way. I have heard a lot of people saying recently that you need to blog about one thing in particular, well I disagree with that. Family life is not just one thing. Its a lot of things. Some weeks more of one thing than another week and that’s how it goes. So I blog about those things. I might do more crafting one month than another, or bake more one week than another and I might capture it on video or photographs and I might just blog about it or post on social media. In the whole I do not plan my blog in any kind of structure, other than if I have captured a moment or activity on video or photographs, I will use it on the blog / social media. 

Tip: Thats the best tip you can give any blogger I think: blog about what you love and what you do. Don’t force it. Natural posts will be better read and have better photographs! 

Why does this produce blog satisfaction? 

If you write about the things you love, the things you are doing, the things you are making and the fun family times that you are having for example – the content will radiate that happiness and it will be natural (from the heart). This means it will, more than likely, have a positive effect with readers and it will relate to people more. What does that mean: more engagement and sharing of your content. That’s why you write a blog isn’t it? To share your piece of the world with other people, for them to relate and hopefully feedback. That’s why I blog now. It’s not why I started but it’s why I blog now. It is a very subjective thing, but if you are writing about what you love and what you want to write, chances are you will feel better about it. 

Tip: Try writing a post a week that is just “from the heart”, something you want to write about and you want to say. See what happens. What can go wrong? 

Get creative! 

Make your posts stand out, get creative with some simple arty images or use your best photographs to create a strong “hero” image. What does hero image mean? Thats the main image that you have at the top of your blog post, in WordPress we call it the featured image. Some blog themes make these stand out really nicely on your homepage for example. People will read your titles and see your main hero image first, before they read on or click to see more. So make it clear, do what it says on the tin and make the image relevant and wonderful! I make my little images with Picmonkey, its free and incredibly useful when you want to make some fun graphics for your blog. 

Tip: Try creating a catchy hero image in Picmonkey and using it as your featured image. Think about a catchy title for your blog post. Ask friends, family and fellow bloggers what they think? Get feedback!! 

Make friends

So you are writing content you want to write, increasing that blog satisfaction. This has in turn made you a more confident blogger where you are now exploring the creative side of you. Pushing your boundaries and making your photos better, your graphics better (maybe even a new blog design) and you are happy! Networking, making friends and sharing ideas with these people is a great way to carry on getting blog satisfaction. Engaging with readers on your blog and social media will make them want to come back. Think about when you are in a shop, buying something, a nice friendly assistant who goes above and beyond will make you feel happy and go back for more! Share other peoples posts, write on other peoples posts and engage with them. You will, hopefully, find that people do the same back to you. 

Tip: Take your top 10 favourite blogs, read a post and comment. Share at least three of those posts on social media channels, tagging the blog owner in the post. Hopefully that blogger will return the compliment and pay your blog a visit and even make a comment. 


Blog dice image by Shutterstock. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018