What device do you use for writing your blog posts? Are you a gadget fiend? Do you have one particular device that you must use and that you cannot use anything else? Do you swap and change depending on where you are and what you are doing? I am the latter, a device for all situations and for what suits me best, at the time.  


I use a whole range of devices everyday, to suit the mood I am in and to suit the situation I am in. If I am in bed, I will use my tablet devices, if I am out and about I will use my smartphone device, if I am at work I use my swanky Dell Surface Pro and if I am doing serious writing and photo editing, I will use my Vaio laptop at home. I had never used Windows 8 before and all of that was about to change, when I received my Asus Transformer book T100.

What device is my newest?

I recently unboxed a very shiny and extremely cute Asus transformer book T100, the laptop that transforms into a tablet, I just couldn’t believe how versatile it is. The little teeny tiny box disguises the true power of this little beaut and here’s why:  


I can use it with a laptop and a mouse, like my laptop. So I can sit here and type up blog posts comfortably and edit photos with Photoshop (my choice of photo editor) and I can see things as I would on a normal laptop or PC. I can take it off its keyboard and use it as a device, like I would in bed or flopping on the sofa and browse the things that I would normally. I could still tap up blog posts and edit photos in this mode though, don’t get me wrong. I can take photos on my awesome camera and take the micro SD card out and insert it into my Asus and download the recent photos to use with my blog posts. I get a lot of battery life with it, so I don’t have to sit by a plug socket for the entire day. It copes really well with what I do, having Photoshop, Word and Internet Explorer open at the same time, whilst playing some music. It doesn’t jitter, only if my internet connection does, which isn’t the Asus devices fault at all. The fast brain inside, the “Intel” bit makes sure it is up to speed and copes well under pressure, so give it a test. I just love the fact it is THE thing that I can use for everything. After writing my blog posts up and editing the bits I need to, I tap on Netflix and start watching my favourites (currently Heroes) and it is as easy as that.  


So for less than ยฃ300 I get all of the above, plus the added bonus its the weight of a tablet device and its dinky so it fits in my handbag. It isn’t heavy either, so I do not have to lug heavy laptop bags around and hurt my back – which after my car accident last week is a godsend! Have I convinced you yet to get rid of your laptops and PCs? Probably not, but if you are in the market for a laptop/PC I would seriously consider one of these little beauties.




This content was produced on in partnership with Intel UK.

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  • Kim Carberry
    Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    I have one of those Asus doo-dahs…..Well I say I do, my girls have claimed it…..It’s very handy my eldest uses it as a laptop and my youngest as a tablet…..A few months ago when my laptop broke I used it for a little while and found it was brilliant for everything I wanted to do…..