It was about when Noah was Isla’s age that we recieved a fabulous Gruffalo Trunki, which still is played with today, so it was only fair to get Isla one and the Hello Kitty Trunki is absolutely stunning. It is bright pink, we won’t loose Isla whilst she is riding on the Hello Kitty Trunki. We took our Hello Kitty Trunki away to Turkey with us in September and it came in really handy.


As with the Gruffalo, the space you get with these cases is decieving, from the outside it doesn’t look particularly large but they do pack everything in and you can use it for lots of fun things: sleep overs, weekend trips, toy tidy, ride on and just to protect the end of your bed! We put in Isla’s favourite teddy, her monkey, her pyjamas and a change of clothes with a few nappies, packet of wipes and a spare pair of shoes – there was still room for more! When we went on our summer holiday we packed it with activities for the plane: colouring in books, toys, leappads, cars and teddies – there was still room for more! I love the typical Trunki elements that make the design, fantastic: the safety strap on one side to protect the garments/items inside the Trunki.


The only thing I would say about a Trunki, when being completely open and honest, is when you buy one do not assume that you can slot it into tight spaces in the car like  “soft” fabric piece of luggage as it doesn’t work like that – it is a hard cased item so you pack that first! But the hard case gives it it’s unique ability to be used as a ride on as well. We just love our Trunki’s…


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The Hello Kitty Trunki retails at £44.99.


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