Summer will soon be here and now is the perfect time to start planning your summer holidays and staycations! With budgets tight and the rising costs of air travel, why hop on a plane abroad when you can stay in the UK and explore some of the beautiful sights of nature this country has to offer. 

The Lake District is one of the most visited areas of the UK by tourists, with an estimated 15.8 million visitors making the trip every year! The Lake District National Park area spans a vast 2362 sq km and is home to mountains, lakes, tarns and more. Some of the most famous include Scafell Pike, Windermere, Ullswater, and Skiddaw. Average temperatures in the summer reach a pleasant high of 20 degrees (July) making summer the perfect time to visit this hugely popular area of the country. So, here’s some top tips to help get you started planning your trip to the Lake District from Inn On The Square.

What to pack for your trip to the Lake District 

Packing for any staycation in the UK isn’t always the easiest thing. Despite previous warm summers, even some extremely hot days, the UK weather is completely unpredictable! It’s always best to come prepared with the essentials you would need for various weather conditions and activities. 

In the summer we would suggest packing light layers that can be stripped down to keep you cool or layered up to keep you warm. Remember, if you are planning on climbing the mountains, the cool breeze as you reach the summit will make it feel far cooler than being back down on flat land! 

Comfortable shoes are a must as visiting the lakes, even if you are just planning to relax, will always require some walking. 

Don’t panic if you do forget something though, the towns and villages of the area are extremely accommodating for tourists and are home to plenty of stores, including clothing shops where you’ll be able to find the essentials you need for your trip. 

Plan activities in advance 

As mentioned above, the summer period, between June and August, is the busiest time of year for the Lake District. With tourists flocking to the area from all over the UK and internationally, the activities you may wish to do will quickly fill up with bookings. If you have something you are desperate to try or experience, we would recommend booking in advance, if possible. 

For example boat tours and water sports on the lakes are a popular option for families and thrill seekers alike. There are plenty of tour operators in the area, so get in touch with a local tour organiser who can arrange your activities for you. 

Book somewhere to stay and consider parking 

In order to ensure you not only have a fun stay but a comfortable one, you should certainly book your hotel or B&B well in advance. Much like everything else, these quickly become full in the summer. However, there are plenty of options. For families there are great rental properties in the area as well as hotels that will provide you with everything you will need to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. 

If you are planning to drive to the area, which is often suggested to families, be sure you are aware of the parking in the area and plan ahead if you require parking at your hotel. Some hotels may charge additionally for a parking space. 

Others may wish to travel in their own accommodation, bringing campervans and motorhomes to the area. So that local residents are not disturbed by an influx of travelling tourists, be sure to book yourself into a designated campsite for overnight stays, if this is your personal preference for travelling. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024