If you have children, you’ll understand all too well how it’s sometimes really hard to get them to settle down as they always seem to be full of energy. If you’ve got a large back garden or even live close to a park, it’s a great way to get your kids to burn off some of their abundance of energy in order to make bed time that little bit easier. Letting your kids play in the house can be a messy affair especially if they want to run around and let off some steam, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best outdoor toys that you can get for your kids to help them burn off some energy and have fun.

Bikes and Scooters

It’s a great idea to teach your child to ride a bike, and if you haven’t already done so, you should seriously consider it. Not only is riding a bike a great way to burn off energy that can be done in all different weathers, it’s a good skill to have for life and could be a viable means of transport and exercise for them when they’re older. Kids’ bikes can be purchased quite cheaply, and you’ll also want to buy stabilisers for your child if they’re first starting out in order to prevent any nasty falls. If your child already has a bike, another great way of having fun and burning energy is with a stunt scooter – check out the great range at skates.co.uk.

Roller Skates

You probably loved to roller skate yourself as a child, and this is another toy that can be used in most weathers – maybe except heavy rain or snow! Roller skates come in all different sizes, so whether your child is five or fifteen they’ll be able to enjoy playing with them. You can even get adult sized roller skates – a great idea if you’d like to have some fun skating with your children. Roller skates aren’t that expensive either, and if you care for them properly they can last quite a while. For growing little feet, you have the option of adjustable roller skates – to make sure that they last even longer and you get your money’s worth.

Space Hoppers and Pogo Sticks

Probably another two toys that are nostalgic for you, space hoppers and pogo sticks are great for your children to play on in the back garden, and won’t require you to take them to a park or need you to accompany them to play in the street as you would with a bike, scooter or roller skates. Although you’ll probably need the weather to be dry for your child to play with these toys, they’re great for during the long summer holidays when your kids are sat at home with loads of energy to burn. You can also pick them up pretty cheaply – most toy shops and even supermarkets will sell them for great prices.

There really is no better way to tire your child out than by giving them an outdoors toy to play with. And, your children will have fun whilst burning energy – what more could you want?

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018