Lockdown 3 is a lot different to the first lockdown. I know I am not the only one to think that. In the Spring it was bright, sunny, dry and getting out in the garden was easy. We also had lots of space to use for quiet office space, our conservatory for example. This time around we are all trying to use the same spaces and we are not getting out into the garden as much. We also do not have the luxury of being a pretend teacher this time as we have so much work to do! Here’s what we need for lockdown with school children:

Online resources

Last time I put together a list of useful online resources, this came in really handy. I use Twinkl quite a lot to bring something different to the week, may it be a presentation, colouring in or maths fun that the kiddies can do. This time around there is a lot of CBBC support too, between 9am and midday on CBBC there is bitesize, Horrible Histories and Operation Ouch – we are big fans of these in the Constant household.

Indoor activities

On those rainy days and lots of sleety days, more recently, we also need activities to stimulate us whilst we are indoors. Snow has made lockdown with school children a lot more fun I have to admit. However, when we are indoors we also need to have fun! We have a long list of LEGO models to build, I got Hedwig from Harry Potter for Christmas and I am really excited about building him. We really enjoy our monthly subscription of The Lego Explorer magazine. We have been playing a lot of board games too; Monopoly Deal is our current favourite and Junior Cluedo. I might try the adult version of Monopoly with the kiddies too.

Make time for outdoor activities

Getting out in the fresh air is essential. We are doing the FIND15, as best as possible, each day. It’s an initiative between Start-Rite and The Daily Mile, encouraging families to get out for 15 minutes a day and to raise your heart rate within that period. We are also trying to get out as a family on a dog walk, making this around lunchtime to break the day up and give us a little boost for the afternoons.

Get your routine

In March 2020, when the first lockdown hit England, Daddy and I split homeschooling. I didn’t start work until lunchtime, after homeschooling for the morning and Daddy would take over. We did this from March through to July. To get through this period I used up all of my annual leave by taking Friday’s off of work, so I essentially only had to work 3 days a week. It was tough. Adapting to the new way of life challenged us all, but we somehow got through it. Then this lockdown hit us: I have a new job which is more demanding, Hubby is starting a new job in April and so busy getting his bits finished over the next couple of months and we haven’t got the luxury of logging out of work for 4 hours at a time.

So, we are very much working alongside the children this time. Thankfully the school is more prepared and the children have videos set for each task, so all they have to do is watch the video (Sometimes a few times) and that should be all they need to get on with the task. I am really grateful to have such great work colleagues, the children dance, talk and wave to my colleagues on a daily basis and they are very tolerant with it. Which I am really grateful. I didn’t choose this situation, neither did the kiddies and neither did my colleagues. So smiling and getting on, seems to be what we are all doing to get through it. Although it feels more stressful this time around due to workloads, the days are going quickly and we are all getting our work done. Phew!

We are doing what works for us, not anyone else. That’s all you can do. So, don’t compare yourself to Karen on Facebook – just do you. You are doing a FANTASTIC job! I thought this post might help anyone looking for inspiration during lockdown with school children. I hope it has helped.

Whilst all the time we can have fingers crossed for March 8th.

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Last Update: Sunday, 14th February 2021