We were sent a toxic package from Tomy and inside are literally the stinkiest toys around, the Stink Bomz. Noah just loved them, he thought they were incredibly funny. Each Stink Bomz surprise package has 1 little stinky collectible friend inside. Here is what we thought about the new stinkiest toys in the store. 

The only way to show just how stinky these toys are was to video the children opening them and smelling them. Here are their reactions:

What is a Stink Bomz? 

They are little soft plush toys, with a sound mechanism inside them. They come in a fab bottle/ball and there are 8 to collect. When you first open them from the bottle they truly smell at their worst. But they really do carry on smelling, see my warning below. You squeeze their tummies and they make 3 farty noises. Each character has a slightly different smell and 3 different noises. I love the video above, especially when Noah describes one of them as a chicken fart! I am not sure what a chicken fart smells like – they are hilarious. 

You can buy your very own Stink Bomz from The Entertainer, they are ยฃ10 each. They are perfect stocking filler presents for Christmas. 


I do feel it’s only right to share with you that these  toys are so stinky and the smell is not good – if you leave them in a room overnight it smells the next day. We only discovered this after Noah had done it with all of his Stink Bomz. 

I would love to know what you think about these stinky toys in the comments below or on social media: @Mummyconstant.

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