These fun Moj Moj are perfect squishy toys that fit into the most tightest of hand luggage spaces. They are perfect for taking on holiday, especially this Summer. Lots of children ask to take their favourite toys on holiday, now there is a great solution, instead of a bike or a giant teddy! Which is what Noah and Isla would take if they had the chance. 

What is a Moj Moj? 

There are 95 squishy Moj Moj to collect, each mystery pack contains 2 squishy’s. They come in all shapes and sizes – star fish, doggy, seals, rabbit: all different animals and fun, bright colours. They are really squishy and very wobbly too, like jelly, they are quite sticky too – we have to make sure they do not go near the pets as the hair sticks to them. 

The perfect holiday pack

Isla packed her sun cream, a cap, sunglasses, her Moj Moj, a blow up beachball and not forgetting her disposable camera. She had lots of fun taking photos when we went out for the day. She loves taking photos, a little me in the making. She has taken these little collectibles everywhere since we received them. 

You can buy Moj Moj mystery packs at Smyths Toys, they are £3.99 a pack. Great pocket money toys for the Summer. Isla is obsessed with bling bag toys and these are just perfect as you get 2 in a pack. What animals and colours do you have so far, Isla would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 

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Last Update: Sunday, 29th July 2018