People move house all the time, especially if they are in rentals. However, there comes a time when your friends finally get on the property ladder and move into their first home. So, how can you make the occasion? Hopefully with a housewarming party and some grown-up gifts! Here are some of the best gift ideas for your friend’s new home.

Kitchen item

When your friends have their own house, they might need to cut back on the takeaways to help save some money in the aftermath of getting a mortgage. To help them out, you could invest in a new kitchen appliance. We aren’t talking about a new fridge or washing machine (although if you do have that type of cash to splash, you can). Smaller items such as air fryers or rice cookers make a great gift and a welcome addition to the kitchen. Great ideas for housewarming gifts.

A gift hamper

I just love a gift hamper, they are such a fantastic gift and they make for a perfect housewarming gift. Gift Hampers UK have a fabulous selection of gift hampers, including the one in the photo. A hamper full of delicious treats and a bottle of wine to toast to the new home.

Bar stuff

A grown-up house means a grown-up area, and this normally includes a bar area. It might just be a cabinet in the living room or a shelf in the kitchen, but everyone has a bar area in their house where they can safely store their booze away from little hands. Choosing some special wine or beer glasses to go with their bar collection can be a great idea, especially if it is made from English hand made crystal. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of good quality booze to go with those new glasses.


Buying a plant for someone is a big deal, and nothing screams being a grown-up like keeping something alive. If you are worried that your friends will murder your green gift after a few weeks of neglect, you could gift them a low maintenance plant that thrives on neglect. To make sure that it is a gift that they remember for years to come, buy them a special plant pot to go with it with a special message written on the bottom so they never forget it.

Personalised items

Personalised items come in all shapes and sizes, so you might need to narrow it down to what your friends are into. If it is a couple who have moved in together, you could get them a gift with their names and house number on it. Keyholders are great as they will last a long time but doormats are another great choice. Choosing something that will last is a great way to remind them of the fun of just moving in together.

A card to their new address

This might seem like the most obvious thing but people have stopped sending cards. Sure, the postal service isn’t what it used to be (and have you seen the price of stamps?!) But getting a card in the post is one of the best feelings in the world. As soon as they move in, get their new address off them, and in the middle of unpacking boxes, they will get something special in the post that will make their day. A personalised housewarming card is such a lovely idea.

JillWellington  from Pixabay

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Last Update: Sunday, 24th October 2021