Christenings are wonderful celebrations where a child’s name is officially affirmed (“christen” basically means “give a name”) and parents get to show off their beautiful bundle of joy to friends and family. Christenings are also when infants are baptized into a church.

It is, of course, not necessary to get the parents or the child a present, but it’s greatly appreciated, because as we all know, parenthood—although satisfying and gratifying—is also very taxing. Christening gifts are also tangible symbols to welcome a child into a Christian community. Why not surprise your friends with something they or their baby can use?


For the growing baby

Most children get christened at 6 months, as the younger the baby, the less fussy he is as to who’s holding him. What other milestone does a baby go through at 6 months, then? Teething! This will be a difficult time for both the baby and the parents as teething can be painful, and the baby is sure to let his pain be known. Teethers and rattles can provide ample distraction from the pain, and everyone will be the happier for it!

If parents choose not to christen early, however, don’t fret, as there are a lot of things you can get for a growing child, such as reusable nappies, cotton shirts, and baby blankets. Toys that help in a child’s development are always appreciated, like building blocks, musical toys, and picture cards. It’s great not just for the baby, but also for the parents, as these toys are interactive and can be used for parent-child quality time!


Dad in charge!

In “modern” families, it’s no longer just the mom taking care of the baby. Sometimes, it’s even the dad who fusses over everything. But there are dads who’d rather not look too maternal by carrying diaper bags or baby bottles around. Why not get the dad a diaper bag fit for him, something that won’t offend his masculine sensibilities?

There’s a wide array of products made specifically for daddy, like diaper changing toolboxes and daddy bear gift sets. Any of these will be appreciated by parents, maybe by mom more so, just because dad doesn’t have an excuse to slack off anymore!


Trinkets, knick knacks, and baubles galore

Gifts don’t have to be useful; sometimes they can just be pretty and meaningful. With the center of a christening being the baby, why not give something a little extravagant for the child? It’s not every day a baby gets christened, and a special day needs something extraordinary to mark the occasion. Some great gift ideas are a necklace with a locket and a sterling silver name ring. A christening, after all, is all about the baby and its name, and a personalized gift featuring the baby’s name is the perfect present. It’s sure to be treasured and kept as a memento for many years to come.

Whatever you get for a christening, the most valuable thing you can give is your company and joining new parents to celebrate their child. Gifts are great, but being there to support your friends as they take on a new chapter of their adult life is even better.

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