With Christmas just around the corner there are some fabulous products I wanted to draw your attention too; toys, animal themed fun and xx. The best Christmas gifts for Children 2021 and obviously birthday gifts too.

My friend, Phillipa Davies, from school wrote this amazing book about Smidge and the Moutain MoOobles. I just love the illustrations. Phillipa wrote this story whilst recovering from Cancer and I am really proud! It’s not everyday a friend writes a fantastic children’s book. The moral of the story is how to make healthy friendships and it encourages children in a friendly way. I have always loved a rhyming story too, they are so much fun to read.

Do you have little creative children? A world map tablecloth or colour your own placemat to go is a great gift. There are so many fabulous tablecloths and placemats to choose from on the eat sleep doodle website. We loved the world map as the kiddies learn a little geography whilst they are waiting for their dinner. The placemats are a good idea if you are going away over Christmas to visit family; they can occupy themselves at the table whilst waiting for the crackers and cheese! They also make fab presents all year round.

Geomag Magicubes are just amazing for kids. Limitless constructions are at your fingertips. Everything from this 64pcs set to try the different shapes and see how they connect together in the try me range. To creating something more specific in the other ranges; wheels, animals or the number / word building cubes – perfect for children learning how to spell and do maths. We love Magicubes and they are a great present for any child this Christmas.

I love puzzles and I love puzzles that I can do with the children. Like these beautiful puzzles from Wentworth, they are quality, wooden, puzzles that will last a lifetime. They have a fabulous selection of seasonal puzzles from Autumnal themes to Christmas themes, perfect for this time of year. What I really love about these puzzles is that they have uniquely shaped pieces hidden in them, so not a conventional puzzle shape. I love the Puzzle Crackers too – perfect for stocking fillers.

For all the pet lovers out there, with children in the house, these are some fun gifts to keep them occupied over Christmas. The kitty phone clip is such a fun idea; you attach the pom pom to your phone and let your cat go wild with fun. The dog bag clips are a fun idea to spice up packed lunch boxes. A practical tick tool, maybe not for the kids but the big kids. And finally the dominoes sets with cats and dogs. Lots of fun for the little ones who love cat dominoes and dog dominoes over Christmas.

Whether you are looking for wooden toys or a quick stocking filler grab, there should be something for everyone in this post. I would love to know your top tip for the best Christmas gifts this year in the comments below?

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Last Update: Tuesday, 1st February 2022