I had great plans for fabulously funny YouTube clips for this Teksta Newborn kitty and our pets, but as with all of the children’s toys, they simply ignored her. The cat was not phased by it at all – which is a good thing in a way as I don’t want the animals chewing up or fighting with the children’s toys. But I was disappointed when I didn’t get the footage I was after! 

 The kitty is so cute, she sings a little song, she meows like a little kitten would and she is so dinky. She is the perfect size for my two as they can hold her in their hands and really imagine they are playing with a little kitten. She is a very life-like little robotic kitten at that, retailing at around £19.99 and the only upkeep is batteries: 3 AAA ones. Whereas our cat requires food, litter, insurance and all the other things that come along with a real pet. 

My little ones are still quite young but I think they got the hang of it towards the end of the video footage, Noah is starting to get the kitty to walk towards his clicking fingers, which we had seen on YouTube, so it is very much a learn and development toy in our house. The idea is that you use gestures and voice commands to get little kitty to sit, walk, beg and sing – but again this will be something the children have to learn and grasp first. They have mastered the head sensor, when you touch her head she makes a lovely little noise like a loud purr – you can hear it in the footage I caught of little Kitty. Her eyes light up when she is awake too and looks cool at night time, if a little scary when you see two eyes staring at you. Because we had the pets before the children, they have never experienced little kittens or puppys, so this is the closet they will get to it and I think it is a lovely little substitute to the real thing – without any hassle at all. Apart from the argueing over who gets to play with her first of course. 

 She has three modes: walking, standing and singing. Each with different activities and different methods of getting kitty to do certain things like sit down or walk across the room. She comes with some instructions so you can learn these tips quickly and train your little kitty to be a good girl and earn her treats.

Here is our little video clip of kitty and how our family cat just ignored her, ahh poor kitty:

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