I have big news, if like me, you love furniture that is a one off or not from a high street shop then you will love Puji and their huge warehouse clearance this weekend: everything from one off’s to end of line products, even slightly damaged products are being sold off at fantastic prices. 


Some of the fantastic products you will find in the Puji warehouse clearance sale are beautiful ex display dining chairs, ornate mirrors to brighten up any room and the most beautifully unique wine rack/bookcase I have seen in my life. The clearance starts tomorrow and only runs for the two day weekend, so it is worth heading over to the Puji website and having a look. 


If like me, you are in the area why not take a trip to Potters Bar and visit the warehouse for yourself and take a look at the one offs and unique pieces of furniture. 

You can keep up to date with Puji on their social media too: Puji Facebook page and their twitter account is @pujifurniture

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Last Update: Friday, 8th May 2015