Noah and Isla were really spoilt from Flair recently: we were sent a bundle of SnugglePets goodies and they went down a treat. We were sent a Unicorn ShamZee, Crocodile Tummy Stuffer and a really cute Monkey CuddleUpPet!

They are pretty self explanatory except for the ShamZee which I will explain in more detail below – they are really great and cuddly products which are perfect little Christmas presents for the little ones. Such bright, vibrant colours and really charismatic animal creatures – they are great to help build the little ones imaginations.


Unicorn ShamZee

The ShamZee is basically a pillow case, but not just any pillow case – it is super cute and very hug-able. Isla loves her unicorn ShamZee and she takes pride of place in her cot and gets lots of snuggles. It has Velcro fastenings so it is easy to get the pillow in and out of the cute cover and makes it easy to wash – just like any other pillow case. There are some fun animals to choose from: the unicorn, a pink poodle, a colourful monster and a friendly tiger.


Crocodile Tummy Stuffer

The Crocodile Tummy Stuffer is a really great little idea, its cute and cuddly and has a belly full of space to hide toys or clothes in. Noah loved this idea, he thought it was great that he could hide his Thomas the Tank Engine toys in the tummy. It was good because Isla couldn’t find them and Noah thought it was excellent because of that.


He spent hours running around the lounge with the trains in Crocodiles tummy, it obviously made his day. I love that he knows what is hiding and keeping things secret, we have started to play games like Chinese Whispers now – but he just makes noises in our ears. It’s all part of developing his little character and imagination.


Monkey CuddleUpPet

Mummy’s favourite, purple monkey CuddleUpPet; he is really cuddly and the monkey head is an actual puppet. So hours of fun to be had and snuggle time too. Such a great idea and both Noah and Isla love purple monkey, they take it turns cuddling him and playing with him and Mummy often has a little puppet show with purple monkey. They think it is really funny.


There are Disney creatures too: Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Lambie from Doc McStuffins to name a few of the exciting characters available. I think little Isla would love a Winnie the Pooh CuddleUpPet, so guess what is in her present collection for Christmas.


All 3 items are such great little gift ideas for children for Christmas, Noah has super fun when they were all delivered – Crocodile ate his pom bears which made Noah laugh a lot. There are lots of things you can do with the different SnugglePets – the ShamZee can be a snuggle pillow in any room not just a bedroom. The Tummy Stuffer can be used for loads of different things, I might keep toilet roll in Noah’s crocodile to help encourage Noah with toilet training. The CuddleUpPet is just something that can go everywhere with you and is a fun toy and snuggly blanket. Great idea!


CuddleUpPets are £19.99, the Disney characters are a little more £25.99, ShamZee’s are £19.99 and the Tummy Stuffers are also £19.99. You can buy them from many stores, I found them at Argos, Amazon and Smyths Toys.


You can see the fabulous SnugglePets products on the website:










To find out more information about Snuggle Pets and help with your kids bed time routine head over to for its Snuggle Pets takeover from 11th to 24th November 2013.

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