Exercising is something we should do regularly throughout the week. But as a busy parent, and with kids that keep you on your toes, it can be hard to showcase such an example about healthy living. As such, the kids don’t spend too much time outside, and it’s hard to motivate them to reach for more regarding their own wellbeing. 

However, if you become the role model they need most in their life when it comes to expanding energy and releasing those endorphins, you’ll soon find they’re keen to get outside and start running. Here’s a small guide on how to be that kind of parent. 

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Talk About How Exercise Can Be Lots of Fun

Exercise needs to be fun in order to convince young minds to try it out. All that talk about physical benefits isn’t going to mean much for quite a few years yet! So try to point out all the ways a person can exercise and how fun they can find that, from playing some rounders to even using video games or roughhousing with family members. 

There are so many physical activities that can be enjoyable! And it’s best to ask which of the above your kids love to do to get them to join in on the conversation. If they come up with an idea, you can promise to do more of it in the future. 

Take Part in Plenty of Outside Activities

Outside activities can be numerous, so you never have to get bored here. You can try jogging one day, hit the local pool the next, go online to find road bikes for sale and try biking at the weekend, and then start the next week with a session of footie with friends. Whatever it is you want to do, get out there to do it, and make sure the kids see you do so. When you get home again, talk about how fun it was, how good it made you feel, and why you’d love to go again. The kids might just ask if they can come too!

Disguise Exercise in the Little Things

Exercise is as simple as getting up to stand, as it’s a physical action that burns calories, even if only a few! And if you want your kids to exercise a little more often, disguising this need to move in with other things can hit two birds with one stone. 

If you’ve got a dog, for example, getting the kids to take it for a walk at least once a day will ensure everyone’s wasting a bit of energy. Similarly, walking to and from school instead of using a car for the journey will also get their steps in. And more fun things like dancing to music together, or playing board games like Twister on family nights in, should also be included on the list. 

Exercising should be encouraged from a young age. Make sure your kids see the positive side with these tips. 

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  • Margaret Gallagher
    Wednesday, March 8, 2023

    Exercise is energising for all – positive action for all the family

  • ashleigh
    Wednesday, March 8, 2023

    Good ideas!

  • Siobhan N
    Saturday, March 11, 2023

    I must admit that I am not the best role model, but luckily my boys enjoy playing football!