scented_candle_shopIt is no secret that I love candles and I especially love Yankee Candles, I was very lucky to be sent 2 of the new multi wick Yankee Candles tumblers to review and such perfect scents to show off on the blog: a child’s wish and baby powder.


A Child’s Wish

I was sent a large multi wick Yankee Candle with the “A Child’s Wish” fragrance, it smells divine – almost like a fresh and clean smell that makes you feel like a child again without a care in the world. I’m picturing meadows and lots of free space, with a young me running through it, laughing and giggling.

The large multi wick candles are 22oz, made from paraffin wax: it stands at 14cm high and has a burning time of 90-150 hours. When the candle is burning, the top layer of wax melts, creating a thin layer of warm wax, it spreads evenly over the surface and this means that the candle will last longer. Unlike some other candle types that burn to one side or the wick burns too quickly and you loose the candle before it actually runs down low.


Baby Powder

We had a medium multi wick Yankee Candle in the “Baby Powder” fragrance, this is my favourite smell and I would imagine a lot of other peoples too. It really does smell like freshly bathed and baby powdered babies, it makes me think of my 2 little ones when they are all clean and ready for bed.

The medium multi wick candles are 12.5oz in weight, made from paraffin wax: it stands at 9 cm high and has a burning time of 45-90 hours. Considering the candle is smaller than the large one, it still has an incredible burn time and it seems like it is going to last forever.IMG_5671

You can buy both of these scented candles and a lot more fantastic products on the Scented Candle Shop website: You can also like them on their Facebook page.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 23rd July 2013