Something that I plan to do every year and fail to do every year is hold some money back to hit the January sales. You can buy so many good things in the sales. Things for yourself, the home and family – after Christmas treats for the kids from the toy sections or stocking up on gifts for birthdays throughout the year and oh yes, next Christmas. This year I have a plan though and I wanted to share it with you.

Needless to say there is an art to this (unless of course you are incredibly rich), firstly it needs some serious saving skills to save for January sales shopping and getting everything paid up for the Christmas just gone. In my house especially there is the added fact it is my birthday so close to Christmas, so quite big chunks of money get spent quite close together.

January sales tips


Funds and space

Save some money throughout the year to spend in the sales. You will also need to save some room in a garage or cupboard, loft or shed somewhere too to store it all. I know people that have special drawers in their house where they store gifts for use in the year, and even wrapping paper – heaven! Buying cards and wrapping paper in the January sales can save you a fortune.

Make a list

Make a list of birthdays and people that you purchase for at Christmas time, also things that you have in the house that you might want to add to or change. Decorations for the tree, ornaments for the shelf etc. If you have a list of things you might need to get then that makes it easier when sorting through the sale items.

Check online

Most large retailers have a pretty huge sales section on their website, where they will have specific filters for their sale items to make it easier to search for things. For example, searching for toys for the children’s birthdays in the year is made so much easier on the House of Fraser website as I can either see the sale items  in the Toys section, or I can search the House of Fraser sale section and filter via Toys. I can then search and filter further if I should need to. Or checking websites like dealsdaddy, give you great discount codes to save money, quickly.

Find it in store

If you cannot see what you need on the website then check out what the stores have to offer in store, have your list at hand and try to budget some money to each item on the list. Otherwise you will end up spending hundreds before you know it and potentially nothing on the list you had with you.

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