We were sent a fabulous Plum Sand and Picnic table set from Argos. Noah absolutely loves it, he plays with it for hours and now the sunny weather is coming out to play – it means Noah gets to go out and play too!


The table is a traditional picnic bench, the perfect height for Noah, but Isla can get up and sit at the table too. We use it as a table when we have BBQ’s or Noah wants to sit and colour outside, because it is the perfect height for them they can get down when they need to and get back to their food when they have finished doing their important tasks – kids just don’t sit still and eat their meals do they? The table comes with the cover so that you can easily take the top off and it becomes a sandpit, or put it back and it’s a table again. So quick and simple, its an ingenious idea.


It was pretty simple to assemble, the pieces were clearly labelled and the instruction manual was easy to follow – no scratching heads and wondering what on earth you are doing. I was really pleasantly surprised with how it popped up together, the sand was pretty heavy though and so I got some help filling the table up.


He spends a long time playing with his toys in the sandpit, it keeps him occupied and he chatters away. His favourite is playing with his diggers and trucks, he has a whole construction site going on in the sandpit by the looks of things. It is great that the table has rounded edges too so that he can sit there with just his pants on and I don’t worry that he is going to cut himself or come to harm with sharp edges.





You can view the other fantastic Plum products on the plum website: http://www.plumproducts.com/ and grab some other fantastic Argos toy products on the Argos website: http://www.argos.co.uk/.


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